What The Hell Wednesday # 9

What the Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy of  Blue Monkey Butt. They are full of attitude and funny stories. No wonder why I like them so much. Go check them out and feel free to play along sometime.

Our city is pretty large, a little over 200K people. But for a city this large we are seriously lacking in a decent off leash dog park. WTH? I know there are dog lovers in this town by the amount of dog groomers and boutiques. There are a few areas that people and their dogs frequent a lot but they're not official dog parks. There is one nice fenced one in the Valley but it's a bit of a drive.

So that's why we were so excited to hear of one being built on our side of town. My husband drives by it every night on the way to and from work. He's been watching the area for any sign of life. They have 1.3 acres and plan to have a fenced play area, doggy day care and self service doggy wash. They keep putting up a Grand Opening sign but still nothing is moving along. WTH?

The other day I saw a little ad in the paper for a new Grand Opening, this coming weekend. My husband said there is still nothing there. WTH? I looked closer at the ad and it said it was going to be private park by "membership only". WTH! and WTH? That's a new one on me.

If you act now the price will only be $210.00 for the year. After that it's going to be $285.00. WTH? I cannot imagine paying almost 300 bucks a year to let my dog run around and poop with snobby little rich poodle dogs from the South Hill.

Besides the money output, you have to pay to have your dog temperament tested and then fill out an application, and sign a waiver of use and rules of conduct. WTH? Is this a prestigious college we're talking about here? So far there are 16 pampered pooches signed up.

But I'm afraid we will not be joining them. We'll go to the free places where the cool dogs hang out just chillin' with their buds.


fernvalley01 said…
That is the silliest thing I have heard in a while! $210 to walk your dog????
Grumpy said…
We had a similar facility open here. Also has a small pond for the dogs. And they also charge you for the evaluation. We're lucky to have a free dog park in a city park not far from home. Even have a separate area for small dogs.
Stacy said…
Are you serious? What the hell!! I can't believe you would have to pay to have your dog run around!! And you know all those dog owners are going to be snobby, jerky people you won't want to hang around with! Ugh. That's just crazy!!

Thanks for joining us today. And thank you from Elle too, she'll stop by later, but had a really busy day today. Thanks again!
Claire King said…
WTH? A membership park for dogs? That is city planners at their best trying to finagle another buck out of the residents. Or is it privately owned? Then it's just another group of people trying to finagle a buck out of residents. Before all members join, they should be sure and clarify..."is the grass greener on the other side?" "It better be if I'm payin' for it."
Thanks for peeking in on my blog. CK
Elle said…
What The Hell??? Pay for a dog park? Fill out an application? Maybe they'll only let purebred dogs in, not mutts mixing with their precious pups.

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