Rejected by HumorBloggers

We've all been rejected at some point in our lives but it still hurts, no matter where the rejection comes from.

I ran across Humor Bloggers from another site so thought I would register for membership. I signed up right before they switched it to referral only.

I know I am not the funniest person in the world but geez, to be rejected just sucks. The reason? None given. Maybe some constructive criticism would help. You know like "Kden, you just need to use the F word more. You don't cuss enough or talk about your crotch".

I read some of the blogs who 'so-called' judged mine. One told dorky stories with dorky pictures to match. Funny? Not so much. Didn't even crack a smile. I'd like to know what criteria they go by to deem a blog funny.

Maybe I'll start my own club for those that think they're funny but not. I'll be President. Who wants to join me? We'll be an elitist club that only caters to the moderately funny.

Or how about a Bitter Old Lady club, but I still get to be President.

I crack myself up so I guess that's all that counts.


I got rejected by a list,their reason "Not relevant"-that one bit. You are right it is hard to have someone else pass judgement
Anonymous said…
I've always found your blogs to be very humorous. Maybe your humor is too intelligent for them to understand - they don't get it!
you have a wonderfully twisted it very much, will be back soon.

thanks for dropping by.
kden said…
Cactus Jack: I can't imagine your blog ever being 'not relevant', you are the most relevant horse I know.

Frumpy: I take that as a high compliment. I have friends tell me that my humor is twisted, I think that's why Anonymous and I get along so well ;-)
Merisi said…
Oh, sod'em, those clowns!
You offer serious humor, and they are not up to it! ;-)

Word verification "Squappil" -
I think these automatons have a better sense of humor then those HumorBloggers.
Connie said…
I will join the cranky old lady club with you. You are right some of those humor blogs are not funny.
I love your sense of humor on this blog. I sure would vote you for president in this elitist club ;). Best wishes!
ascu75 aka Don said…
I got banned from an anti airport blog cos I am pro not very funny you might think I laughed like a drain

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