A Day Without Waffles

Yesterday was weird. It started out good. I slept in till 7:00 which is rare for me. I was out the door before nine to get a haircut. When I got home I could smell sausage and my hubby was preparing waffle batter. He makes the best homemade waffles. I put a load of laundry in and got ready for breakfast.

He fires up the first one....and it sticks....bad. I suggest, not enough oil in the iron? He said he slipped with the baking powder and used too much. He pours some of the batter out and fixes up a new batch, pours it in the iron....and it sticks too. By now it's around ten and I'm getting hungry. He decides to make pancakes. They're good too and we have a nice Saturday morning breakfast. There is always plenty of batter left so hubby wants to cook up more pancakes to freeze for later.

My daughter and I have to run some errands so she heads downstairs to get a shirt. "Uuhhhhh", she said, "there's some water down here." Hubby and I run downstairs and I know what happened but I don't know why yet. We have an old washer set-up where the drain hose goes into a washtub to drain. If for some reason, the tub overflows, water goes behind the washer and in front of it, under the dryer into a closet and out the closet door into a drain. But it also has to ruin anything that is sitting on the closet floor and the carpet at the bottom of the stairs on top of the drain. Strange set up if you ask me. I find a sock in the washtub which clogged the drain causing all of this to happen.

Daughter heads back upstairs because she knows it's safer up there and said "Uuhhhhh, your pancakes are burning." Hubby runs upstairs to pull them off the burner and grab some old towels. We spend the next hour sopping up water and using our pathetic 1-gallon shop vac. It holds about a half-gallon of water before it starts spewing it out of the top.

Hubby, in his infinite wisdom tells me that we should BOTH be more aware when we do laundry to check the tub before starting a load. I asked him how often he does laundry. So I'm guessing that since he does NO laundry then it's ME he's talking about.

After we are done sopping up water, we start a small heater to help dry things out faster. Our basement is freezing and it will take forever to leave it on it's own to dry.

And to top off this lovely day I have pain in my head, but only on the left side. We're talking teeth, jaws, and head along with dizziness. It could be either sinuses, teeth problems or a brain tumor (just kidding daughter). But I am quite miserable.

This morning we're still drying out and trying to get things put away because I need to do more laundry. I hope my husband pays attention to the tub this time.

So a word to the wise; if you are ever going to make some waffles some morning and they don't turn out right, it's almost guaranteed that the rest of your day is going to suck. The scary thing is, my husband wants to try waffles again next weekend. I think I'll go to IHOP.


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