Not a Tumor......But Still

I had gone to my doctor before my last post to discuss an ongoing cough (3 months). I told her about being sick in October and my cough never really went away. She doubted that was the cause and said it was more likely from my high BP medicine. What I failed to mention was my half-head pain. I figured since she wasn't buying the cough story then she probably wouldn't believe my new one. I'm starting to feel like a hypochondriac.

After the Waffle and Wet Basement day I felt worse and almost went to Acute Care. Not knowing how my insurance worked at those places I toughed it out until Monday. I was pretty convinced by then that I had a sinus infection. Every single tooth in my chubby little face hurt, intermittently, at different intervals. I felt like each one was being electrocuted. Finally I got what I wanted in the first place, antibiotics.

I thought I would feel better by Tuesday, but no, had to feel worse, because I needed to go to work. So I had to cancel my little lady and did nothing but sit in a chair or lie down. Same with yesterday, cancel lady, sit or lie down. It got to my ears and my dizziness returned big time. I look like Frankenstein walking from one room to another.

I did get out shopping today with my husbands help. This time I got to lean on the cart and made him go get all the stuff. He likes it the other way around. And this is the first day that I have been able to type without my eyes spinning around in my skull. I hope I can get back to work tomorrow. Still taking massive quantities of Advil for the pain but glad to see the dizziness subsiding.

There is no more of a helpless feeling for me than to sit and do nothing; can't read, can't turn my head, have to hang on to furniture to walk, cooking is FUN like this, and let's talk about taking showers with one hand on the wall at all times and turning very slowly.

If you want to see a not-so-crabby side of me today go check out my other blog, Pictorial Soul.


Titania said…
I hope you feel better again and good wishes. ( Your humor is great even when you feel miserable. I like people who can cope with bad situations and still laugh, not many can. I am sure you are a strong and resilient person.)
They residual symptoms of a cold sometimes linger longer than we think they should. That happened to me earlier this winter. For me, I can handle one health issue at a time, but give me two and my psychology starts to unravel!

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