Random Boneheadedness

I often accuse my husband of doing bonehead things but one day last week I had a few instances of my own.

My husband and I went grocery shopping one morning and in the checkout line I dropped a penny. I noticed that it was just a penny and decided not to take the effort to pick it up. An older woman behind me (guessing around 70) pointed to the penny to tell me that I had dropped it. I told her it wasn't worth bending over to pick it up.

Rather perky she said "OH, I'll pick it up for you, I take yoga so it's easy for me to bend over."

Where is that hole to crawl into when you need it. I was so embarrassed to have a woman much older than me with more oomph to bend over for a damn penny.

I muttered to her "I guess I better take yoga then."

That same afternoon I had a dentist appointment. I finally sucked it up and decided I better go. I go to a low-cost clinic so you can imagine the variety of individuals that can be found there. The waiting room is small and almost all of the seats were taken. It was loud, people were on their cell phones in all different languages. I was sitting next to a chatty dude talking to a man in a wheelchair parked behind me because there was no place else for him. It was also hot and I had stupidly worn a heavy sweater. The little transistor radio in the corner was blaring much too loudly. I was in pain, cranky and had been waiting for 45 minutes already.

The nice dental hygienist came to the door and called out my name...I thought. I jumped up so happy to be out of the hell I was waiting in. I had to wiggle around wheelchair guy to get to the door. We chatted for a minute and then she looked at her chart and asked, "are you Aaron?"

I said "no, I thought you said my name", and right behind me is young Aaron and his mom looking at me like I'm trying to scam my way into the back room. I sheepishly made my way around wheelchair guy again and took another seat away from chatty dude. He looked at me and smiled as I'm looking for that hole again. I was finally called back another 15 minutes later.

As I left, a good half-hour later, wheelchair guy and chatty dude were the last ones still waiting but he wasn't so chatty anymore.


anml_lvr said…
I think that this was hilarious! But you are funny, kden. Also, you might want to check your spelling for the word 'random'
kden said…
Thanks daughter for thinking that I am funny and for your always noticing when I mess up.
anml_lvr said…
I have eyes in my eyes M! They're even on the back of my head. So yea, I'll always know when you spell things wrong! Ha Ha!
NJ said…
Oh my is anml_lvr really your daughter? This makes me laugh because my 23 year old daughter is always telling me to double and triple check my grammar on my blog. She used the words horrendous and atrocious. I think sometimes I just miss words or unconsciously type the wrong ones. My spelling is usually really good and I can usually spot spelling errors at a glance...just not grammatical ones.

I love the story! And thanks for the comment on my winter picture. We do get to see a lot of action in the yard and woods. This morning my husband caught two wolves in the yard so I'll be posting his picture later.
Daryl said…
What a funny post. I bet you write just like you talk, so nice to meet you .. thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.

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