My Blog is Rated R?

I found a link to rate my blog based on the presence of certain words. They found my blog to be rated R, for using the following words; Pain (4x), Viagra (2x) and Meth (1x). Does that mean that my 13 year old can't read it now?

And what about the word 'Ass', I've used that several times. And the word 'Balls' too, but I guess it depends on how you use it. Even the word 'Beer' didn't count for much. I even used the word 'Numbnuts' once too and they didn't even care! Apparently you can even use the word 'Pee'. My story on 'Pregnant Man' didn't even make them blush. Oh, and this is great, you can say 'Shit Head' as much as you want! And they didn't seem to mind that I continually insult my husband.

If you want to check out your blog rating, click on the picture.
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YogaforCynics said…
Wow...if those words got you "R", I hate to think of what rating my blog with has....
Dancin' Fool said…
Hello. I am currently checking my blog rating, thanks for the link.

I like this blog. You can't beat a good grumble and too often we are made to feel bad about it! Good for you!!

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