Last week was a good week. On Wednesday my Mom turned 85. We gave her a party on her 80th so she gave strict instructions for no party this time. I knew no one else would visit her so us three musketeers picked up dinner and took it to her. Even though I see her on Mondays and Fridays, they don't get to see her as often. We had a nice time and lots of laughs.

3 generations

And then..........finally............our daughter passed her driving test to get her license. She went from 72% the first time to 90%. I am so glad I will never have to get in her car again with her to 'practice'. Backing around corners and parallel parking.....over and over and over again for the past month. No more taking her back to college on Sundays. She can drive herself home on the weekends instead of one of us picking her up from the bus stop downtown. No more taking her to the store. She is my little bird and she must fly! 

We should have celebrated with a taco
Early Saturday morning I got my blood test results from the day before draw. My doctor wanted to test my glucose again as well as cholesterol. My A1C (glucose over the last 3 months) was down to 5.6 which is in the normal range. It's even lower than when it was tested a year and-a-half ago. Although my cholesterol is still up a bit, it's down from a few years ago. Overall I'm really pleased with the outcome. Now I'll just have to see how my doctor feels about it. 

Darn fine week.


Valerie said…
Congratulations on all fronts: your Mom's birthday, your daughter's achievement, and your health issues. Cholesterol seems to go up and down like a yoyo; I suppose I should get mine checked but the doctor knows I hate going to see him!
Grumpy said…
Lots of good news. Congratulations to everyone.

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