Busy Summer

With The Kid home for the summer and my husband on break from work, we have been getting out and about having fun.

After we went to Turnbull, the next stop was a drive to Sandpoint, Idaho which lies on Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced pondaray). There's a lot to do there but since we were on foot after we parked, our distance was limited. We walked along the city beach and through downtown before hitting a farmer's market. Hubby found some packs of smoked salmon which we enjoyed for dinner. It reminded us of our coastal trips. No pictures that day but this is the view from a plane.

We've taken a few drives to Greenbluff, which is a local community of orchard owners. Within 30 minutes, you can be picking or buying any fruit or vegetable in season, to your heart's content. We've bought cherries, picked apricots, green tomatoes, and raspberries. We will probably go back to pick green beans because I don't think we will get much of a haul of our own this year. The scenery is beautiful and most orchards have lots of activities going on. We try to avoid those though.

Wheat Field

Hops for Beer
One morning we headed 15 minutes away to Pine River Park. It's a small little beach of the the Little Spokane River that is very family friendly. We packed a picnic and just enjoyed the shady day. That's when we decided to buy a portable tabletop grill.

One place my daughter and I have been to before but not Hubby, is an very eclectic auction business off of the freeway about 20 minutes away. You will find everything from a space ship to bathtubs full of rusty treasures. His prices are a bit high so we didn't buy anything this time but it's fun to just walk around. One thing we found there was definitely interesting..... He has a lot of property but half of it is now dedicated to a pot growing business. No kidding! I thought I had smelled pot at one point but didn't say anything. When I saw this huge tall fabric fence I had to take a peek. There were security cameras all over so we couldn't get too snoopy. And me without a camera this time, dang. Since it's now legal he either grows it for the medicinal or retail end of it. 

The Kid and I spent a day at a ceramic studio, our first time ever. It's so simple, pick out your piece and paint it. They fire it and the following week you pick it up. We'll probably go back one more time before Fall. I want to make my Mom and Hubby something for Christmas. I love my new mug!

Before, after painting and after firing. 
So far though, I think the best outing we have had (although the hardest) was a visit to Liberty Lake County Park. Liberty Lake is a small community about 30 minutes east of us. My older brother and his wife live there and we have never been to the park. It was quite popular many years ago when there was not much for recreation around here. We packed up our new grill and some grub and found a nice picnic table. Then we attempted to attack the hike. There is an 8 mile loop hike that I knew we couldn't do but we tried our best to get to the Cedar Grove which is the oldest stand of old Cedar trees in the county.

The trail was wide and mostly flat with a gentle incline. We passed by marshes, a beaver dam which probably isn't inhabited anymore. We heard and saw plenty of birds. The higher we climbed, it became cooler and shadier. I swear we had tele-ported over to the rain forest on the coast. To find something like this so close to home was magnificent. We crossed over the creek 3 times and soldiered on but sadly did not make it to the Cedars. We knew it was 'just around the corner', but that corner never happened. We were tired and our enthusiasm was waning; plus we still had to walk back down. I felt sorry for my husband, he kept lagging farther and farther behind, which is not like him. I apologized for thinking this was something we could do. Although we didn't make it, we did hike over 4 miles which is a new first for us. It will probably never happen again though.

It was so dark, the flash actually went off

When we finally dragged ourselves back to the picnic table we hardly had the energy to cook. It was a great day although it took us a whole day to recover. 

And there's nothing wrong with just sitting in your own backyard and building a campfire.

Other than having all this fun, I've still been helping my Mom, going to the gym, and keeping up with yard work. Yep, it's been a busy summer so far.


Grumpy said…
I would show up for the backyard fire after hiking from the front curb.
Valerie said…
The area you describe would have suited hubby and I once upon a time. The trouble with hiking in lovely areas is that you have to hike back. Loved the photographs and the last one especially.
Mr. Shife said…
Busy, indeed. Great pics and you visited some beautiful parts of Idaho. I miss that part of the state a lot. Take care.

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