Fighting For Space

In one half of our kitchen cupboard, we have a Lazy Susan which holds all of our meds. Everything fits nicely, the prescription bottles as well as vitamins and other supplements. Hubby takes a lot more supplements than I do, and their bottles are large, so they lie down on the top of Susan.

With his recent heart issue he is taking more prescription meds. I bought him a pill organizer so he can load of his daily pills into one large compartment. He didn't like it.

"I have to dump everything out to get what I want for different parts of the day."

He uses it, but for only some of his pills. If I bought him a larger weekly organizer he still wouldn't use it. The organizer now sits on the counter, along with another bottle and a newly acquired powder he mixes in water twice a day for......uh never mind. Not only the bottle, but a glass and measuring cup have to be there too. Like he can't eyeball a cup of water?

I ask him why all this stuff has to sit on the counter.

"So I don't forget to take it."

Really husband, you would forget to take these particular pills if they were in the cupboard with all the other pills? There is no logic in that.

I have one prescription in the cupboard as well as vitamins. My little bottle doesn't take up much room but he moved it to the nether regions of the cupboard because, "It was in my way and I'm afraid I will take it by accident." Really husband, you don't read the labels of the pills you take? There is NO logic in that.

I asked him not to do it, but he did it again. Instead of asking nicely again I took all of his pill bottles and put them everywhere in the cupboard so he would have to find them. The cupboard also houses coffee, filters, paper plates, dog meds, and a bunch of other stuff so you could imagine how long he had to search. To solve the problem of not enough room, I tossed some very old pills that we will probably never take. It took me about 30 seconds, problem solved! Now, that's logical.

I guess we are just two people with totally different ideas of what logic is, and not enough room to use it.


Grumpy said…
You'll feel bad when he ends up taking the dog meds.
Valerie said…
I went through the same thing. Like you, I tried everything, typing lists was one, even storing Joe's meds in a vanity case when sheer volume of bottles and packets filled all available space. I think the reason for his (Joe's) apparent awkwardness was due to the illness itself - causing him to worry in case one of the meds went missing. Apparently it's a psychological thing. Hope everything works out for you and your husband.
Mr. Shife said…
I guess you are going to find out if you can teach an old dog new tricks, and like Grumpy mentioned he might even end up taking the dog meds. You can never be too careful about fleas. =) I also read the post below and congrats on all of the celebrations. Great news all around and happy to read all about it.

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