I Need Some Better Grass

Grass, lawn, turf....or however you say it. But definitely not pot, that's not where I'm going here.

I wouldn't say my Husband and I are overly obsessive about our lawn care, but we do try to make it look nice. I'm kept quite busy in the summer keeping it watered. He weeds and feeds. It gets aerated once a year and overseeded if my Husband gets around to it. I have a great little tool for getting dandelions out and he mows and edges. That does sound a bit obsessive doesn't it?

Clump of UGLY
A few years ago I noticed clumps of different grass growing throughout the yard. I, not knowing my grasses, thought it was crabgrass or quackgrass and started digging the clumps out. This year it is so much more denser and probably constitutes as 25% of our lawn. Then I noticed different clumps with a blueish hue and tall seed stalks that peek above all the other grass. WTH?

I was showing the different clumps to my Husband who said it might be the seed mixture that he used last. WHAT? They mix up different seeds in a package???? Why would they do that? I started doing some research and there are shade grasses and sun grasses and different types grow in different areas.

What about plain old grass? I loved our plain old grass. It was nice and soft in bare feet and didn't have stiff clumps of crap throughout. Now it looks ugly and spotty. Brown in some areas, green in others, short and tall. It all looks great when it's freshly mowed but within a few days you can see the difference. I just hate it. I used to be upset when Nellie's pee spots were yellowish but at least they correct themselves over time. Boy I really am obsessive.

Unless we overseed with just one variety, I'm sure we are just stuck with this mess of a lawn.

Peek A Boo


Valerie said…
Sounds a bit like my bird-sewn grass. Fortunately I'm at the age when I don't care much anymore. If it grows, I love it. However, I can understand your frustration. All that loving care and pride ruined by a packet of mixed seed. I hope there's some way to check the seed in future.
Grumpy said…
Maybe your favorite neighbor is growing pot in your yard.
Mr. Shife said…
I wish you the best with your lawn. I used to be a little more interested in yard work but then I had two little people who seem hell bent on destroying what grass we have left. Maybe when they are older and have moved on to other things then I will get back to the yard. Take care.

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