Pallet Christmas Tree

My Inspiration
I found this picture over a year ago and thought it would be very cool to make one. It was too late to make it last Winter so I started early this time. Hubby knew where some pallets were at the airport so we were able to grab two of them this summer.

They sat in the patio for a couple months until I got around to putting a light whitewash on them. We had the perfect split log for the stump and Hubby cut it with a hand saw so I could use it for both pallets. After I gave him a new drill/screwdriver for his birthday he was able to make short order of attaching them to the bottom.

Now for the shopping, it was actually the hardest part. Since it was intended to put these outside I didn't want to use anything nice or new. The Kid and I hit one yard sale and found most of everything I wanted for our pallet. I wanted to go with blue lights and blue/silver ornaments, so we were pretty set there after that trip. Finding the wired garland was hard too, it doesn't seem to be made much anymore. No store could I find any. It took several trips to Value Village to find the ones I wanted. The star is where I really failed, just couldn't find anything that would let the lights shine through. As you may know, I'm quite anal and want things to be exactly as described.

Time to put the nails in to string the lights on. I found the center of the pallet and put one at the top. Then I took a yardstick and marked all the way down to the end at an angle. That didn't take much time at all.

I knew the Kid wanted to help me so I had to wait until the weekend to get started. String the lights, attach the garland and ornaments. The top does have a pretty star but isn't visible because the lights don't go all the way up. We made one for us and one for my Mom. This one is ours and it resides inside. It was too pretty to put out. The lighting is bad in our house but I think I got close to the original.

This one is my Mom's. I put hers out on her deck so it shouldn't be in the worst of weather conditions. Her pallet is taller and thinner so it gave the tree a different look. In a way I like hers a little better.

But it's outside now and she really likes it. Since she doesn't put a tree up anymore it's a nice addition and she can see it from her chair. It was a fun project and I'm glad I finally tackled it.


Grumpy said…
Very cool. You should be marketing those. But then you'll have to get hubby a power saw for his next birthday.
Valerie said…
What a brilliant idea. You did well, hope you're feeling proud. I agree with Grumpy, you could make a profit if you made to sell.
fernvalley01 said…
those are great! what a wonderful project!
Mr. Shife said…
Well that is pretty awesome, kden. I really like it. Take care and Merry Christmas.

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