Living With A Senior Citizen

No, I'm not talking about my Husband. Although he did turn 69 last month, yikes!

I'm talking about our Sweet Nellie who challenges us everyday with her ongoing aging process. Hubby and I finally got her to the Vet regarding her bed wetting. We went during his split and he sat in the back with her so she could stubbornly stand but not fall down. She didn't care much for me lifting her up into and down from our van. I tried to let her jump in herself but she fell short and I ended up lifting her anyway.

It was kind of a good news/bad news appointment. After our Vet followed her around outside to catch some pee, initial tests showed no infection but blood in the urine. After poking and prodding she suggested an x-ray because she thought she felt a stone in her bladder. Good news, no stone, only full of poop. She thought she saw something in the x-ray but since she isn't trained in Radiology she had to send it off. It was an agonizing weekend.

His finding was nothing but possibly shadowing, but could not rule out a tumor. Ye Gads! We were instructed to catch another sample when she was finished with her antibiotics. And by WE, you know that meant ME. It was easier than I thought it would be but she looked pretty surprised by the sneak attack. There was still some blood present but not as much. From there is unknown. Maybe an ultrasound, maybe nothing more needs to be done. She also gave her a prescription for her leaking problem and she absolutely hates the taste of it. I can disguise most meds but she has gotten very wise to this. I bought some pill pockets/pb flavor and that seems to work.

The medicine she is prescribed is called Proin. It's full name is Phenylpropanolamine which used to be used in certain cough/cold medicines. It's now banned due to possible stroke complications in younger women. But it can be used for dogs with incontinence issues. Weird.

Dealing with a 90-something year old woman, I guess what I am learning here is patience. Even though her bed is staying dry, she wakes me up anywhere from 2-5 am to go out. I tried to put her off but that just makes things more miserable for both of us. A mess for me and stress for her.  Patience, right?

Yes, for her I have patience because she has been a great member of our family for almost 15 years now and I will do whatever I can to keep her going. This will just be our new normal until something else comes along to upset the balance.


Grumpy said…
I know it's hard, but it's what we all sign up for when we bring pets into our life. I know you'll take good care of her and I believe our dogs know when we are helping them.
Claire M. King said…
So sorry to hear about this. I hope she heals and gets things "under control."
Valerie said…
It's not easy, is it? Grumpy is right, dogs do know when we help them.
Mr. Shife said…
Get better soon, sweet Nellie. And I hope you are getting enough rest too, kden.
fernvalley01 said…
Glad you are able to keep her well.15 yrs! wonderful. Loosing Winston just recently , this makes me sad, but happy you still have your sweet girl

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