Some Things Never Change, Others Do Drastically

Well, another Christmas is tucked under our belt. It was pleasant, although much smaller. We knew my older brother and his wife would not be there, but because of the snow, the passes were closed and my younger brother and his wife couldn't make it. So it was just us 3, my mom, and my nephew and his wife from Portland. No gifts to exchange so we just had a nice dinner and sat around and chatted. Getting home earlier was nice too.

Christmas morning was a lazy affair. Coffee first, then watched The Kid open her 15 or so gifts. Every year I say I'm going to cut down but seem to do even more. We got a lot of things for her car--college logo spare tire cover,  steering wheel lock, and a battery operated clock/temp gauge because her clock doesn't work.

No fancy dinner, we felt like having pressure cooker mac n cheese. It was great. I'll do a nice ham for New Year's day. New Year's Eve will be us 3 more than likely eating junk food and maybe staying up 'till midnight. Maybe....

My oldest step-son called us later in the day and chatted awhile but nothing was mentioned about us coming over to bring gifts to the boys. Hubby had to call back and his wife didn't want to spend a day cleaning house just so we could come over. We thought about meeting somewhere over the weekend just for coffee or something but never heard back from them.

We didn't hear a word from my youngest step-son. No card, no phone call, no nothing. He didn't even text his sister. Sometimes family sucks!

I heard through the grapevine that My Lady was moved to a memory care facility; the same horrible one I worked at for ONE day. I'm surprised and don't really think she was that bad in the memory department. It was probably the only place that would take her on Medicaid because I'm sure she is flat broke by now. It's sad to see someone end up in that situation basically due to mismanagement of affairs.

My Husband's past co-worker from his courier job suddenly died a month ago. He stepped out of the shower and a blood clot from his leg traveled up and killed him instantly. They got along most of the time but there were times where this guy was really off his noodle and sent Hubby slightly threatening texts for no reason. But still it really hit him hard and I was glad that he could take the afternoon off to go to his service.

So that's how our year ended; hoping yours goes out with a bang! See you in 2016.


Grumpy said…
I'll gladly take the blood clot and instant death over the Medicaid about 20 years.

Happy New Year to you and your family.
fernvalley01 said…
Sad about your hubby's co worker, even when we are not friends with people we work with it they are part of our lives. Christmas sounds nice, quiet and no drama suits me fine. Happy New year !

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