Who Really Cares?

I'm not sure when it got started, the No Make-up selfies by actresses, but I wonder why? And who really cares?

More recently it's been used to raise breast cancer awareness and has raised a lot of money. But what I have a problem with is that stars post their no make-up pictures and say how empowered and liberated they feel; which makes me think...that they think they are special and should be recognized for being so 'brave'.

I wear makeup about 75% of the time. Many years ago I wouldn't even think about leaving the house without it. I was so vain because I had the most gorgeous long eyelashes and would separate them with a needle while putting on mascara. One too many pokes in the eye stopped that in a hurry.

I know I look better with it but on most of my days off and weekends I go without unless we're going somewhere special. I do like to look nice but if someone I know is not really going to see me, who cares? One day I wore make-up to my dentist because it was only for a quick check-up. The receptionist went on and on about how nice I looked (not knowing why). She complimented my hair and clothes and when I told her it was because I actually had make-up on she was quite embarrassed and had to back pedal quite a bit. But if I'm going to get all smeared up during a 3 hour appointment why do I need to look good for my dentist? Or the produce guy? Or other Walmartians for God's sake!!!

I don't not wear it to make a statement, I just do it because I'm lazy and don't care what people think. Most actresses look pretty bad without it because we are so used to seeing them with make-up. Maybe if I was all glammed up all the time and then got to go without, I would feel empowered too.

But I don't believe we should think they are any more special than the average woman for wanting to go au natural for a change.

I may even look a little better than Madonna without makeup. OK, no I don't. And this was after 10 tries. I guess I look no worse. No better, but hopefully no worse.

I might have to rethink that whole no make-up thing.


Grumpy said…
Make up, no make up, who cares? We still love ya.
fernvalley01 said…
I too am too lazy for make up an the other thing is in my youth when I danced I had to wear stage make up, now it all feels like paint to me . Love me as I am warts and all I guess. Half those celebs wouldn't look so bad without makeup either if they gave their skin a break from time to time
Mr. Shife said…
I agree with Grumpy on this one: Make up, no make up, who cares? We still love ya. And at least you look real in your photo w/out make-up unlike Madonna on the other hand. Have a good one kden.
Claire M. King said…
Yea-I'd like the world to remember we'd all look better with an entourage of stylists and make up artists and photo shop and PR people. It's crazy the vanity of them and them thinking they are so elite to not wear make up and face the public as a show or a stance. While they are at it, maybe they should deflate and un botoxto keep it real.

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