What Do They Want?

I've been filling out job applications for awhile now. Some are paper, but most are done online anymore. Some are pretty straightforward and although monotonousness, it's pretty easy.

There is one company however, that other than the usual experience/reference questions, has about 10 pages of what they call 'assessment questions', I call it profiling. You can only apply to Hastings every 30 days for each position so I'm applying to 2 different jobs, offset at 2 week intervals. Thankfully my computer saves all of my info regarding everything except the profiling questions. I spend about 20 minutes on those and I find my answers change with my mood. This is just a small sample of what they're asking but I wish I had taken more screen shots. It just seems so ridiculous and I try to answer how they want me to. One time I'll say one thing and next I think maybe they want me to say this or that. I mean really, it's just Hastings, not a CEO job for Donald Trump.

And does anyone ever really look at these applications? They only hold them for 30 days anyway and if they don't have an open position they will never be seen. And what if someone does read them. Do they have a standard pattern they use and no deviation from it will be allowed? Or is up to the discretion of a Manager that might be reading my app? What if they are in a bad mood and they think I'm a bitch or something by how I answer?

I was reading some faq's on Walmart's page regarding the same type of questions. Their app lets you know right away if you failed this portion of the process and if you did you have to wait 6 months to apply again. WTF? Many years ago my Husband applied to a labor ready type of place and he failed questions like that. How demeaning when you are at the lowest of your low and you fail a personality assessment. I mean, did his answers make him sound like a serial killer?

I can deal with the background checks and drug tests, that's pretty much a given anymore. But are these type of questions really the norm anymore? I feel so old and out of the loop and just don't know what they want. So if I'm charming, is that better or worse than being ambitious? And the questions are not even the opposite of each other, so does that mean I can't be calm AND freethinking? I feel like either question can be right OR wrong. Either way I lose and my app is going down the crapper.


Grumpy said…
I've had some experience with these type of questions. Don't over think it or try to give them what you think they want. Just answer honestly and you may be surprised.
Claire M. King said…
Boy do I ever relate to the complex world of seeking employment. Good luck with this and yea...what grumpy said.
fernvalley01 said…
that is weird, it seems to me the answer could be either depending on the position
Mr. Shife said…
It does seem like overkill. I hope you do find something worthwhile that just likes you for who you are and not because you filled out a personality quiz to their satisfaction. Take care kden.

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