So, What's New?

Not a whole heck of a lot around here. Well, nothing exciting anyway. Turkey Day was OK, just OK. I cooked the usual big dinner and I was doing good all day knowing The Kid would be having dinner with her bf's family. But as we sat down to an undressed table eating off of plastic plates, it kind of got to me and I was pissy and mopey the rest of the night.

But she was home the next day, we put our tree up Saturday and then took leftovers to my Mom and had a great dinner. The Kid said she was glad she had the experience of eating with his family but she likes my boxed stuffing better than the homemade dry stuff, ha. They also smoke a turkey which is good, but I (and she) prefer the traditional one. That made my day!! She's excited for Christmas although I don't know if she will spend her entire break home or not. She has decided to live off campus next school year with him so who knows what the summer or next year will bring. She seems to be less obsessed with the relationship and at least willing to connect with us again. It's kind of a happy medium for everyone.

The day after we were at my Mom's, her TV just wouldn't turn on. I tried to walk her through anything I knew, such as rebooting her cable box. She called Comcast and they said her box was fine and that she needed a new TV, and oh by the way let's bundle some stuff. They have gotten so pushy we hate to call them anymore. So she called my older brother, he bought her a new 46 flat screen and now she'll be able to enjoy her football games a lot more!

I'm still having continued dental work, another crown a few days ago, one in waiting still and another root canal next on the list. It's sad that this is our biggest debt right now....teeth. Nothing fun or nothing we can drive....just teeth.

My Lady is going downhill fast. She's had a lot of medical issues, which are not life threatening, but still she is saying "I just don't care anymore", often. All of the caregivers are keeping a journal of sorts about her day so her daughter can see what we are up against. I think she tunes a lot out about what is going due to her own 'mommy' issues. The other day she told her Mom that another bank account is empty and the last, her own credit union account will only last a few more months. Maybe it's time we all jump ship now, cuz she's going

My oldest step-son and his wife finally found a house to buy, only about 15 minutes from here. They moved last weekend so we just did a drive-by to check it out. We were instructed by the wife that they were 'not ready to receive guests'. Ok, whatever. It's not like we were going to walk in while they were moving and demand a tour. But it's a nice house in which 2 of ours could fit.

Since my Husband's new job is on-call, he didn't work the entire Thanksgiving week and not much this week either. People are funny, they get paid for the holidays but they have to work the day before and day after in order to get it. So even if they're sick, they come in so they can get that one holiday day.

I received my POW/MIA bracelet. It's not quite the quality of years ago but I'm still happy I ordered it, and even better to know the history behind it.

So that's it for the exciting life of Kden.


fernvalley01 said…
sounds like you need a hug
Mr. Shife said…
Hello kden. Enjoyed hearing about what's new in your world and thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend.
Grumpy said…
Will you call your brother for me? My TV isn't working either.

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