End Of Year Search

I despise the end of year hunt for all things important. Mostly paperwork for financial aid, health insurance application, and then the dreaded taxes. Not directly related, but I file all of my bills at the end of the year too.

I've been doing this ever since my husband and I have been married, 31 years!! Also add to that about 20 years of business papers too. It's very time intensive and I've gotten kind of sloppy the last couple of years. I stack all bills in a pile on the table after they're paid and then file (sometimes) during the year. Things have been getting away from me though so I enlisted my husband for help. He helped organize per date and type of bill, then we took them downstairs to put them away. I had put some away early in the year but couldn't find them. What is usually a pain had now become a bigger pain. I took this opportunity to let my husband know how long I have been doing this and he didn't even have a clue. He then offered to take over the job with an accordion file system as the bills come in. Hurrah for small miracles!

As we got things finished up, I decided we should start cleaning out cupboards/closets in the basement. Our house is not that big but sure does have a lot of storage space; that is not always a good thing.

A week later we started with the cupboards in the family room where so much confusion took place. In order to get hubby's help I told him we'd work for an hour only, so I worked fast. Old papers, manila envelopes, picture frames, and software/hardware for my first computer that runs Win98 and has a floppy drive!

I know I will have to dump the old computer soon but I still use it on occasion. I have some wonderful graphics on it that I would hate to give up and a program that I make business cards with. Since it was my first it would be like dumping a friend.

The whole reason behind this cleanout? I told my husband that when our daughter graduates and moves on, we may think about selling the house and moving. I don't want to end up with a messy house to have to clean when we're older. Since there is a 12 year age difference between us I can tell that yard work is getting harder for him (and me). And as much as I like my home, maybe in 5-10 years I won't. I've seen what happens when two people get so old, one passes on, and 50 years worth of mess is left for the other spouse or the kids to deal with.

He said "You might be moving but I'll probably be flapping my wings somewhere." I replied....."Or maybe shoveling coal." We had a good laugh over that one :)

We filled a garbage can, the recycle can and have another pile to shred. I'd say we made some progress. So hour by hour we will continue to tackle it so some day it won't be such a chore.........for whoever is left.


Grumpy said…
My plan is to leave the mess for her.
fernvalley01 said…
very good idea! it seems amazing how much clutter we can amass
Mr. Shife said…
I'm so horrible about paperwork. We have a ridiculous amount of it saved for no good reason like the owner's manual for the very first computer I owned. I need to do exactly what you did, kden. Nice job and thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas too.
Claire M. King said…
Congratulations. It makes a difference in your storage space and your mind to DE clutter. I hope the projects continue for your peace of mind.

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