Brain Dead

I think my brain and body have parted ways. We are just not meshing anymore. I can't remember shit and can find even less than that. Find, as in stuff I know I put somewhere but don't remember where.

Yesterday I was looking for 3 of the glass serving trays I made last year for Christmas. I know they're fragile and wouldn't just put them anywhere. Before work I did a quick search but came up empty. Almost empty that is. I ran across a bag with something purple and fuzzy in it and knew I didn't buy it. I suspected it was something my husband bought for me and forgot about.

Me: I'm looking for those serving plates I made last year, do you know where I might have put them?

Him: What do they look like? I don't remember them.

Me: How could you not remember them? I made them for everyone last year! They're made from vases and Christmas plates. Oh............did you get all your gifts wrapped yesterday.

Him: Yep, all done!

Me: Well I found something purple and fuzzy and if it's a robe you better take it back now because I told you two years ago that I like the one I have and don't want a new one.

Him: Oh shit, I forgot about that! You're just going to have to wait and see what it is and then you can take it back if you want.

Me: We should have our own reality show, we could make a lot of money and people would love us.

Him: So, where did I put it?

Me: I'm not telling, you figure it out :)

After dinner we went back downstairs to resume the search. On the floor of a closet was a paper bag, clearly marked and everything all wrapped nicely with bubble wrap, right where I put it. Hubby found it, but I would have...........eventually. He found my gift too, and wrapped it. We shall see if I'll be making a trip back for a return soon.


Grumpy said…
Sounds a lot like our house. I too get attached to robes.
Peruby said…
I know, right? You can't just give me any old robe. It has to "feel" right.

I hate it when I have to get a new one. Don't judge those that wear old tattered ones - like shoes they are comfortable.
Mr. Shife said…
I feel like this every day as I think I will be soon hiding my own Easter eggs. Some days it has me a little concerned. Looking forward to hearing what the hubby got you.
fernvalley01 said…
too funny! I bought an elbow brace, then promptly lost it, I was whining and bitching to Martin that I had clearly lost my mind and not bought the darn thing after all, finally gave in and bought another ,only to find the first one neatly put away in a perfectly sensible spot! Sigh, I now have 2, one for regular work and one for swimming, actually 3 the crappy one I had before this all started!
bill said…
Have you abandoned the pictorial blog?
kden said…
It seems so Bill, although not intentional. Last year's vacation had such horrible weather it wasn't worth taking many shots. And we go to the same places, so it would be repetitive. What I need, is to go somewhere new and exciting so I would have something to show for it. Thanks for asking :-)

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