Adios Speedy Gonzalaz

Little Speedy is only one of the cartoons that have bitten the dust on Network Television. Just this past weekend, CW was the last hold-out to stop airing cartoons on Saturday mornings. Oh sure, you can still see them on cable and most of them recently weren't worth a hang anyway.

I'm talking about the older ones that we grew up with; The Jetsons, Bugs Bunny and gang, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, Bullwinkle, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner and friends, Mr. Magoo, Micky Mouse, The Flintstones,

My fondest memories of Saturday mornings is when our daughter was about two or three and she would crawl into bed with us early and we would watch cartoons while drinking coffee. But only after we had brushed the cat litter out of the bed (gross, I know). We had a cat that slept with us but wasn't tidy enough to shake her feet off after leaving her box. So we had to clean out 'litter land' as we called it before the kid climbed in. We would cuddle and laugh until we had to get up and start the day.

That went on for several years before the stupid ones came a long and then we abandoned the habit all together. But even as our daughter got older, occasionally we could find her watching Saturday morning cartoons. It helps a kid with growing pains sometimes.

The slow exit started in the 90's when the FCC required networks to start showing several hours of educational shows per week. Networks didn't want to mess up their weekly schedule, so they started shoving out our beloved cartoons on Saturdays.

Kid focused cable channels started picking up the slack by airing them almost around the clock but most of them are so asinine that it's not worth it. You may as well let your kids play video games, they will get the same mental stimulation out of them.

So I long for the good old days of Saturday mornings and our favorite ducks, pigs, bears, moose, mice, roadrunners, cave men and space men. Adios childhood.


Grumpy said…
Bullwinkle and Rocky were the greatest.

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