I dread this time of year. It's when the yard turns brown and ugly because we put away all things Summer.

The beans have long been yanked after a very productive yield. I have some in the freezer when we're needing a taste of summer this winter. The last of the red tomatoes have been picked and I despise having to buy the hard red orbs the grocery stores call tomatoes until we can plant again. I have made fried green tomatoes 3 times this year but it's really a chore so I'm not sure what I'll do with the rest of the green ones. We had a fair amount of cukes, enough for us I guess, but not as much as in the past. My husband gave away some of the larger zucchini to people he would see at work. One promised him some zucchini bread but he never saw it. Then production almost stopped so we didn't get many for ourselves.

Our small patio has to be cleaned out to make room for a grill, yard swing, buckets of bird seed, and the snow blower. Our antique cast iron bench is covered every year and the bird bath is put away much to the disappointment of the birds of course, but also our dog. She loved to drink out of it in the summer and I'm surprised she never got sick. All of the solar lights are put in the basement forced to wait until spring to glow again.

My husband has done most of this himself because he has a lot more time on his hands lately. But we had one last nice weekend so I gathered up all of my glass totems and brought the smaller ones in and placed the larger ones under the patio too. We leave one totem out to fill with warm water for the birds all winter long. Next spring I may not put any out in the front yard. I had another one of them stolen just a few weeks ago. It was right under our front window and 3 feet away from the front door. It was a cool one with large glass matching tumblers glued rim to rim and the inside was full of sand and shells. Guess someone else liked something from the beach too. I actually had one of my FB friends say that maybe it was taken to give to someone to brighten their day and I should be flattered. No, sorry Carol, but around here no one steals your shit to make someone else happy. They do it to be mean and spiteful and probably because they can't make it themselves. So I'm done making them for every one else's pleasure. If I want to please someone, I give them away.

We didn't get a lot of use out of our yard swing this year. For one, our yard is so sloped that it has to be shimmed up with boards to make it even, so there are not many places to put it. For another it was too damn hot this summer to even sit in it; not much fun at 100 degrees to sit outside on a swing. Plus it was where my daughter and I liked to spend our time together and chat. With her gone it's just a lonely place now. Maybe I'll just sell it next year.

The outdoor fire ban has finally been lifted so we got a nice fire going and roasted some dogs and ate outside. It was a nice way to officially end our summer and prepare for the dark days of winter. I wish I was a bear so I could just go in a cave and come out in about 6 months.


Claire M. King said…
Well I hope that the holiday season coming up, brightens your spirits. I know what you mean though with the WA winters...the gray, rain and gloom plays havoc on many Washingtonians moods. Weird.

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