Jumping Through Hoops

The last month has been stressful, very stressful. At the same time my husband lost his job, I knew I would have to start looking for work.

So as my husband started looking for work, so did I. Every night we look on CL and send in our resumes. He has had no nibbles, which honestly doesn't seem to bother him much (which leads to more panic for me).

After our last visit to a facility I got to thinking about the company's website and if they had any server openings. When we used to have dinner at Hubby's ex's place (owned by the same company) I always was impressed and thought it would be a good place to work for.

Low and Behold there was an opening for a server at one of the 3 facilities in town so I sent in my resume. This place is smaller and different as they house only memory care residents (Dementia and Alzheimer). I didn't really notice that until later and  kind of freaked out wondering if I could handle it. I got a call two days later from I assume the kitchen manager. I went in two days later for a brief interview and to fill out no-less-than-15 pages of  an application where the hoop jumping started with background check, dmv check, credit check, and going to a clinic for drug test. After I left they started calling my references. Thankfully I was able to give a few of them a heads up that it was coming and I'm very appreciative that they gave me glowing recommendations.

He called me the next day and said that the background check was great so he'd let me know when to come in for orientation. I'm not sure if he's new himself but apparently he jumped the gun a bit. Instead I got a call to come in for a 2nd interview. I was so stressed and have hardly even been through one interview let alone two. I studied their website, memorizing facts and read about potential questions I might be asked. What kind of Hell is this? These questions/answers should be labeled as "20 ways to bullshit your way through an interview." I took notes, tried to make myself sound good when inside I didn't feel that competent at all. I went to bed at 9:15 crying, just ready to give up.

I felt better the next day, studied some more and showed up on time. She asked just a few questions; some stumped me (What irritates you? and How do you handle yourself in a crisis or emergency?) but I rambled my way through. Fifteen minutes later, she offered me the job and I was set up for my orientation two days later.

And just to make you come back.......

.....to be continued.


Grumpy said…
Congratulations! You're way more competent and qualified than you give yourself credit for.
Anonymous said…
Grumpy is absolutely right! You are a caring, gifted worker, and they will be lucky to have you on their staff.
Claire M. King said…
Congratulations! Who wouldn't want you as an employee? You're caring, hard working with values, and have common sense.
Mr. Shife said…
Congrats kden. Nice to hear some good news for you guys. Take care.

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