Those Ocwen Sonsabitches!

Since I signed up with Credit Karma months ago, I get alerts when anything changes with our credit or when I make a payment on a CC card. Recently I got a notice and just thought it was the usual monthly alert but when I opened it up, it said that a dipshit loan servicing company (they held our second mortgage creditline) had reported a delinquency in payment. This in turn dropped our TransUnion, VantageScore, and Auto Insurance Score down 22 points, from excellent to good. I'm sure it did the same to all credit reporting agencies.

If it was true I would be embarrassed and promise to never do it again. BUT.....because a company like Ocwen hires only the finest East Indian people to work for them, this account which was paid in full THREE months ago, sent paperwork to close the account to the wrong department. This department in turn didn't even notice that it had a zero balance and marked it as delinquent because no payment had been made in THREE months.

That's right, a zero balance account is 30 days late in payment. No shit!! We are still getting statements saying there is a zero balance, hence why we want to close the account. I was so heartsick to see this drop in our score. Even through all of our financial difficulties, we have NEVER EVER missed a payment in anything.

This is the kind of shit that can ruin you. I don't think we will ever want to take out another loan but this could really mess us up anyway, big time. 

I found this out over the weekend and didn't sleep well knowing what faced me on Monday. I emailed the same Ocwen East Indian man who I dealt with last and of course haven't heard back from him since he is the one who misdirected the paperwork. 

All day at work I was stressing and getting all 'fussed up' (as my Mom would say). But lo and behold Hubby jumped in to save the day. He made some phone calls and ended up calling East India and talking to some Ocwen Asses to get this fixed--using such expletives as 'stupid' and 'dummy'. Oh the rebel! A supervisor traced the paperwork and found out where it should have gone and where it didn't. He said he would take care of it and call back a week later. It probably won't be that easy and it might take some time to get this straightened out. And if I am forced to call I won't be using such nice words as 'dummy'.

I'm so grateful I use Credit Karma now. It would have been quite a surprise when down the road if we ever did want to take out a loan or do anything that would run a credit check on us. We would be looking like a couple of schmucks that skip out on bills.

Maybe if I use the word Ocwen enough, people that are doing searches for Ocwen will find this post and know what I had already read about Ocwen----that Ocwen sucks!


Grumpy said…
Good thing you caught it. It pays to be vigilant.
fernvalley01 said…
Glad you caught it ,, I would hold on to the statements until they fix it , so you can prove it was them not you . Stupid dummies!

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