Am I Enjoying This A Little Too Much?

**Best birthday post on FB yesterday from my younger brother, "Happy birthday to the best sister I ever had. Enjoy this joyous occasion of getting one year closer to having to wear diapers. Cheers!!!!"

I didn't plan on this post being a continuation from the last one, but sometimes......stuff just falls right into your lap. And who am I to waste a good story.

One recent Sunday afternoon I saw a cop car sitting outside the house but no one was in it. A few minutes later they walked down the side, around front and past our house. I thought they were going down to the woman's house I wrote about in my last post so I went outside.

Actually they went to Curtis's house next door. When there was no answer they were in the process of walking back to their car when they saw me. They came up and asked his last name and if he had a girlfriend or whatever. They said he was involved in a road rage incident a few hours prior--What I read online later was that he was TWO blocks from his house and a car changed lanes LEGALLY in front of him, and pissed him off. He pulled a pocket knife on the driver and threatened him/her. His wife admitted to him having been drinking and calmed him down and took the knife away. Witnesses followed him to his house and got his plates; but he and his wife took off--The Officers went back to their car and waited for awhile and then I went out and asked if they wanted me to call them when he got home.

When I saw his pickup come around the corner a few hours later, I noticed his wife was driving and she looked none too happy when she came out of the garage. I did my civic duty and made my call and awhile later the officers came back.

They were only there about 10 minutes before they came out, with Curtis in cuffs. As they walked past the house I felt downright giddy. It's not like I ratted on him, they would have come back anyway. The officer called me a while later and thanked me for calling and said he was arrested for a felony (assault with a deadly weapon, with a 10K bond--which in our state could be a 10 yr. prison sentence) Three days later he was transferred from jail to a local correctional institute, and after almost two weeks there, just made bond yesterday. Poor fellow couldn't even afford an attorney, had to use a PD. I do feel for his wife though, she is a very sweet person. But she is also his enabler by just trying to calm the situation and putting up with his shit. And she also likes to drink which just fuels the overall fire.

My husband thinks I am weird to be getting so much enjoyment out of this. I tell him he wasn't there when I was getting yelled at and threatened by this A-Hole. But, that was a long time ago he says. But I'm still afraid after all this time and even though I gave him my condolences for the death of his took me a long time to approach the fence to talk to him. I now walk around my yard smiling!

Another juicy little tidbit is that while he was yelling at me and saying he was going to sue me for harassment and saying he had more money than me and could afford it......he and his wife filed for Chapter 13 a couple of years ago with a debt of 231 THOUSAND dollars! So he was going to sue me with his great credit? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. And yes, I am enjoying this...immensely. And to use one of HIS favorite quotes "Some people don't fuckin' learn." No sir, they don't.

Who's smiling now 'Bama Boy? Me, that's who!

And to make it even freakier, the neighbor that just left her husband stopped by to tell hubby goodbye. They got to talking about Curtis and she said that at one time, without her knowledge Curtis and her husband had decided they wanted to have a swinging swap party. One night when Curtis was drunk he called and thought that the husband had answered when in fact it was her. When Curtis said that he and his wife were ready to go, the Shit Hit The Fan. This is one batshit crazy neighborhood!

At first I was going to say "If anything comes from this, it will be in his best interest. Anger management classes and stopping drinking would do him wonders. Then he just might be the nice person that everyone thinks he is." Truth is, I don't give a crap. I hope he sees prison walls for a long time and finds out that he's not as tough as he thinks he is.


Grumpy said…
It's acceptable to enjoy assholes getting their due.
Mr. Shife said…
Wow. Quite an exciting time in your neighborhood. Good to know that justice is served and everything seems to be working out. Take care kden and have a wonderful weekend.
Valerie said…
Gosh, and I thought my row with the gardener was something! How exciting, though, I used to love what we call 'disturbances' with neighbours. Kept us in tittle-tattle for months... grins.
Claire M. King said…
I guess I live in dullsville...but that's ok. I will read your blog for excitement. Stay safe out there.

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