We All Move On, One Way Or The Other

There have been so many more changes in our neighborhood since Jonny and Claudine, our elderly neighbors died. We found out that another elderly neighbor at the end of the alley had passed away too.

When I was taking a walk a few weeks ago, as always I pass by a house a block away. Since their house has the same street address as ours they would often get our FedEx deliveries. Instead of them bringing the package over, we would have to go retrieve them days later. It was really irritating because I could see that it had been delivered, but not where it should be. Once I made so many phone calls to finally talk to the driver and told him exactly where it was and he better go get it and bring it over. It was heavy dorm bedding and I wasn't going to haul it across the street. So he did. Anyway I walked by just as the wife came out to go to her car and we've always said hello. I asked her how she was and she told me that her husband had passed away a few months ago; out of the blue he had a heart attack. He was only 50. She has 3 daughters and I think one of them had to leave college to come home. I feel so bad for her, widowed at such a young age.

Then there's the neighbor who is in prison for 12 years to life for raping his daughter. I always thought he was strange but not that strange. That daughter is a year older than mine and is living with another family, went to college, has a good job, a boyfriend, and is flourishing now. The wife works at Walmart and is slowly putting her life back together too. The neighbors that know, have been very supportive. We know but she's not the one that told us, so we act like we don't know. Her divorce will be final soon.

Another woman just four houses down from us has left her husband and is moving out. She's probably around 40, has kids from several fathers and when they moved in, her daughter and mine were in grade school. We had hoped that they could be good friends. They were for a little while, constantly at each other's houses.Then she moved in with her Dad for a year or two and when she came back, she was hanging out with a different crowd and although the girls remained friendly through Jr. and High school they were never friends again. I tried to be friends with the woman but she was hot and cold. One day she would say she would invite us over for a BBQ or something, then we wouldn't see her for another 6 months. So this most recent husband she moved in with years ago, beat her so bad, he was arrested for assault and she has a restraining order on him until 2099. He's also a Serviceman, Army I think, so he has pretty much screwed his career there. I wish we could have been better friends but I just don't deal with drama so it's probably just as well.

Things are never constant. Change is inevitable and we all must move on, one way or the other.

And then there's Curtis.....Where will he end up? Stay tuned for that one, it's gonna be good!


Grumpy said…
Interesting neighborhood.
kden said…
Makes me look downright normal.
Grumpy said…
Kind of scary when you're the sane one in the bunch, isn't it?
kden said…
Yes, I shake my head in wonder.
fernvalley01 said…
wow! glad my neighbors are family or far away!

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