She Cleaves Unto Him

I know that sounds like a really strange title and I have never even read the Bible, but as the evening wore on, those words jumped out at me as to how I was feeling.

It was 4 days till my birthday and 5 days before our Daughter came home for the summer. We had some more boxes to take to her and then pick up what she had already packed. She stayed in Cheney that weekend so we decided to eat brunch on campus; something we had talked about but had never done yet. So there was hubby and I, her and her boyfriend.

We all had a good breakfast and enjoyed the morning. When we were finished and before heading to the dorms we were just standing around. Maybe hubby had to go to the bathroom or something but the kid hugged me, but it was briefer. Normally we would stand arm in arm for quite awhile, and then what felt like a slow motion movement as to torture me, she slowly pulled away from me and entwined her arm with his.

Then the reality hit me, she was his now; not mine anymore. Maybe with another year looming over me or screaming hormones, I was a bitch the rest of the day. My husband even called me on it which he rarely does. All I could do was cry so he knew to back off.

She said she had been sad the night before too but didn't know why. Maybe she is going through her own thing; wanting to come home but wants to be with him too. She can have both I think, at least it's close enough so she can go back and forth all summer.

But eventually whether it be this guy or another, he will have her arms and leave mine empty.


redhorse said…
You can be proud of yourself, and her. She's normal and healthy. She'll have a life of her own. That's a good thing.
Grumpy said…
It won't be easy, but it is a good thing.
fernvalley01 said…
must be hard to see her grow away from you .But maybe in time it will be good
Claire M. King said…
It's a new period for her. She's spreading her wings is all. There's no one like mom. I often get a tinge of jealousy that my daughter's mom in law to be gets to spend so much time with her. It's been six years since I had that time with her. But I remember she is lucky to have people that love her. For that I am grateful.
Claire M. King said…
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Mr. Shife said…
Oh I don't want to hear stories like this because I know this is my future. But you are her mom and there's no one like you. Your daughter may take you for granted for a little bit but she's a smart egg so there's no doubt she'll be back to normal after she's out of the puppy dog phase with her boyfriend. Take care, kden.

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