Sticks and Stones

A few weeks ago a crazy man named Charlie shot two Sheriff Deputies, accosted an old woman and stole her car and led dozens of officers on a high speed chase which ended in his death--self inflicted. He was a known Heroin addict and was let out of jail to enter a rehab facility, in which he walked away from. Officers were watching him and another man though, and when they spotted him in a SUV, they were pulled over by the two officers. Charlie shot both of them and one would have died if not for the quick thinking of a passerby who applied pressure to his torn femoral artery. He's still in the hospital and his partner has been released.

The two men ran and separated and Charlie broke into an 87 year old womans's house, knocked her around and stole her car. But not before she got a few licks in with her cane. Go Granny!

He evaded the officers for awhile but then headed out of town. They were waiting for him in a neighboring town with spike strips. He tried to avoid the strips and hit the guardrail. When he was surrounded by many different law enforcement agencies and realized that he was trapped in the car, he shot himself in the head.

A few days after this, one of our local news stations ran a video on Facebook, which was filmed by the Sheriff's helicopter. It was scarey how he had no regard for anyone around him, crossing into the other lane several times and even going inbetween two cars at a high speed. After I watched the video I left a simple comment: "My favorite part was the ending, bye bye Charlie".

After awhile I got a charming email from a young ignorant named Anthony who said
"hey kden, the guy may have been a fuck up but come on !! your know better then him .. that would be really nice for the guys mom to read . how would you like to have a family member kill there self and have people on facebook leaving fucked up comment like the one you left you dum bitch"

Well of course I had to write back to Anthony after going to check out his profile,  "oh, and I was the only one? I bet you were pretty busy that day leaving messages for everyone that pretty much said the same thing. I think his mom has more to worry about than reading people's comments on the local news' fb page. You sound as mature as you look."

Within a few hours he replied with "talk about mature ! later hooker ;-)"

I had to laugh after being called a bitch and a 'ho. I was just happy he didn't call me fat, that would have  hurt my feelings.


Grumpy said…
Gotta love the internet; say anything anonymously. I'm sure Charlie's mother loved him, but she also knew he was a scumbag.

He saved the taxpayer's money.
kden said…
Thanks John ;-)

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