Miracle on Ash Street

That's the street I live on, Ash. And truly, a miracle occurred recently. We had just got home from our daughter's photo shoot. It was late, we were hot, tired and starving. After scarfing down a sandwich I was in the kitchen trying to open a new bottle of pop. One of the dogs next door was barking and annoying me. I opened the screen door and pounded on it. Sometimes that's all it takes; if they hear the door open they know I'll be yelling soon and they stop before I have to. So as I'm banging away, the phone rings.

I knew it was my neighbor. I don't know how I did, but I knew it. I thought to myself, "Is he standing outside with the phone?"

"Oh shit", I thought, "I'm in for it now."

"Kden, this is Curtis. I want to start over....with you. I know I've said horrible things and that I've scared you and I'm very sorry and want to start over."

I was holding the phone with one hand and still trying to open my darn pop. Thinking I was hallucinating I stammered "Uh, OK, sure."

He continued, "I want to be a good neighbor and I hope you can forgi...."

Dial tone.....Ah crap, the phone went dead. I had jammed the phone under my chin to fight with my pop bottle and hung up on him. I had to quickly find his number and call him back.

He continued again "I just want to start over and be a good neighbor and hope you can forgive me for everything. You can still spray the dogs, but I don't want to do this anymore"

What could I say? I could tell he meant it. So I said that would be great and I really appreciated him calling.

I'm tired of hiding when he's outside and hanging out laundry when I know he's gone. Although he told my husband a few years ago that they had forgiven me (I was the bad guy, remember?) but even when we did see each other, he wouldn't wave or smile. In other words, he still hated me and scared me.

I don't know if things will change any. I doubt that we'll be best buds or anything. But I know it took a lot for him to make that phone call and I'm willing to try if he is. I finally got that pop open, took a long swig and damn it tasted good. And I think I may have actually heard an angel sing.


bill said…
Maybe he got religion recently and thinks this is what God wants or would have him do, or maybe he 's taking yoga and feeling at one with the world. Or... other possible explanations: have you ever heard voices? Hallucinated?...

Congratulations. Good neighbors are better than bad ones.
Grumpy said…
Sounds good. Hopefully it was heartfelt and he'll follow through.
Claire King said…
Between this little recovery of circumstance, and the lady who painted the bump on her broken sidewalk per your request, you may be on the path to world peace. Keep going... with your luck of mending situations...ya never know. Sending smiles your way.
kden said…
Good one Claire, maybe I'm turning my pigeon poop into fertilizer, ha.
This sounds hopeful. Hope it continues. There always has to be at least one nasty piece of work in any neighbourhood. Scarfing? Do you mean eating quickly? We call it scoffing.
kden said…
Yes John, scarfing means to eat quickly. I'll have to remember to say scoffing around my family; just to confuse them, ha.
Mr. Shife said…
I hope things change for the best and at least you can have a cordial relationship with the guy. Best of luck.

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