I Hate Budgeting

Sure, most of have to budget to some extent. I guess that's what we call 'living within your means'. But just one day I would love to spend money with wild abandon and not have to worry about a budget.

It's the same every week; I cash my check and it gets used for my $20.00 gift to Travis's family, groceries, gas for both cars, my broadband, daughter's allowance and a little for hubby. IF anything is left, it gets put away towards our vacation/Christmas fund or an occasional meal out. Hubby's paycheck and SS check goes to bills, bills and bills. Sometimes there is a little left so I can keep my addiction to Sprout Crack going.

When I was shopping recently, I realized that there has only been about 5 times in my adult life that I didn't have to worry about either using coupons or buying something on sale. Other than those rare times, shopping isn't really much fun. I shop at two different places in a week, first Walmart then our local grocery store. That particular day at the grocery store, coffee was on sale as well as the value pack of hamburger so I grabbed both. Then the dialog in my head starts.

'Well, since you bought those, then you have to put one can of those sliced olives back, even if they are on sale. Popcorn's on sale but it's still cheaper at Walmart so you'll have to wait until next week to get it. Ah, I guess I don't need paper towels this week, maybe later. My God, hubby goes through a lot of denture adhesive, this crap is expensive! Damn, why I can't find those toothbrushes that are supposed to be on sale? Oh man, I'd love to buy some steak, but I'll just move on over to look at the hamburger (again) or the discount bin (again again)'

The voices never stop, they begin when I start my grocery list the day after I finish shopping for the week, and stop.......I guess never. Sometimes hubby doesn't get it. He wants what he wants when he wants it and I get tired of explaining to him I can't do it. I've offered to switch jobs with him. Along with shopping Dear, you also get to plan the meals keeping that budget in mind and then you can cook it too. That usually keeps him quiet. Sure, I want a lot of things too, but I sure don't get it. It's a constant juggling act, and although I'm not a crazy coupon hoarder I use a few coupons and feel like I've won the lottery when I stay within my budget for the week.

But dang, it's getting old....and next week it starts all over again.

*I must add that the only way we get to go on vacation and see the few concerts a year is because of a good income tax refund. I put away money in our savings account for vacation, fun, and medical emergencies. We're going on vacation in a few weeks and I sure don't want you thinking "WTF, she says she's poor one week and now she's going on vacation and seeing so and so in concert? LOL*


bill said…
Most or certainly many of us have lived under budgeted restraints as you describe. We did practically all our working lives. My wife made the statement the other day, "It's so nice to not have to look at every price tag or worry about how much something cost. She was talking about grocery shopping.

Years ago, after consulting with a successful friend/uncle, who advised me to save 10% of what we earned, and some way, some how, live on the remaining 90%. He said the money you make is not yours, only that you save is your own. Pay yourself first. Not a bad idea. Hard sometime to get started on, but a good rule. Good luck.
Grumpy said…
Most of our married life, until I retired, we had two pretty good incomes. Since I retired I can see the difference in disposable cash.

With my wife's impending retirement we will have to start operating much differently.
I don't have a budget. when I have money I spend it. When I don't have money I lose weight. Normal life is a good way to diet.
Mr. Shife said…
Definitely can relate. The wife and I never had to budget too much but then the kiddos came along and it is a whole new ball game. Sometimes I do want to say screw it and go nuts one day with our money but I know it is only going to matters worse in the long run. Have fun on your vacation.
fernvalley01 said…
everyone percieves money in a different way.I knew a fellow once who had grown up dirt poor, he never feels like he can relax and say he is not broke until he has 6 months wages(not expenses but WAGES) in the bank!!! others live paycheck to paycheck with no thought to the future. If at the end of the day you are living your life well and loving your family you are wealthy where it matters
Claire King said…
I completely relate, kden. I have rarely been able to spend money, without the mental cash register clicking away. I hope someday...

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