My Husband's heart cath went very well. I especially enjoyed seeing him doped up :) His arteries were clean and no heart disease was found, and no stent was necessary. So again, back to the PA tomorrow to see what, or if another step is even necessary. They might want to look at the heart's electrical system to find out where it is mis-firing. Interesting stuff. After we left the hospital, we went out for lunch and then home for a much needed nap. Overall we were pretty happy with the outcome of the day. Cool!

Ever since my Mom spent time in the hospital and then a rehab center a full year ago she has been appealing to her insurance company to pay for her rehab stay. She had to pay for it herself to be admitted because Group Health denied it before she even got there. She didn't want the hassle of an appeal but I basically did all of the work writing the letter. It was denied once because of a date mix up, so we tried again. She wanted to quit then but with the insistence of a woman who works for the appeal department, we were told her to re-work the letter and try again. On Friday she got a call from the woman who told her they had accepted it and would be paying the rehab facility and she should be expecting a refund soon. Cool!

What a beauty!
Oh, and speaking of cool.....we got a new A/C compressor put in last week. Our old one limped through last summer and we had a company give us a bid. We contacted them again a few weeks ago and asked if the bid would still hold. The owner looked it over and said it was figured wrong and it would actually be less. We went with a R22 coolant type instead of the newer R410 which cut the cost a bit too. It only took about 2 1/2 hours and we were blowing 50 degree air. It's going to be a cool summer. Cool, cool, cool!


Grumpy said…
Good news all around! Cool.
Valerie said…
It pays to persevere. On the health side, I'm glad we have the NHS. Good news about your husband. Let progress continue!
Mr. Shife said…
I love to hear all of the good news, kden. Enjoy that cool air. I'm hopeful our AC can limp it's way through one more summer. Take care.
fernvalley01 said…
Glad hubby got good news

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