99.9% Sure

Instead of agonizing and stressing over whether or not to go to my 40th class reunion in June, I have decided not to. I am leaving the .1% open just in case my mind and all other elements align in the universe.

I grew up in a small town only 75 miles away from where I live now. There were only 50 in our graduating class. Many of them still live there and have remained friends. Even some that live in my city stay friends with the core group. I have done neither. I had hoped that taking my childhood friend Barb to Alaska would rekindle some old friendships but it hasn't. I am FB friends with many, but still there is no connection or conversation. I feel more connected to my non-hometown FB friends and you blogger friends.

My reasoning for not going is simple. I don't know these people...and they don't know me. I am uncomfortable with small talk, trying to chat about things we never did together. Maybe we shared a glue bottle in the first grade or a beer at a kegger in high school, but that's about it. Truthfully, there are just not a lot of happy memories back there, so why put myself through pretending there were?

Even if I got up the nerve and went, I would probably regret it within 5 minutes and want to leave. So I will happily stay home and have no regrets about it.


Grumpy said…
Normally, I would say you should go. However, if it wasn't a happy time you should probably skip it.
Valerie said…
I'm not much good at small talk either. Always go where you're most comfortable, that's my advice.
Mr. Shife said…
If you are happy with your decision, then I think you made the right one. The reasons you listed were plenty enough to stay away. I went to my 20th and I'm not going to anymore. I am still close with my three buddies from high school, and everyone else I can catch up with on FB if I wanted to see how they were doing. Enjoy your weekend.

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