What The Hell Wednesday # 7

What the Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy of  Blue Monkey Butt. They are full of attitude and funny stories. No wonder why I like them so much. Go check them out and feel free to play along sometime.

You may remember that last summer while on vacation my usually bright daughter dropped her camera in the ocean. WTH, this was after we told her to put it in its case, just not her pocket. The water was not deep but enough to make it croak. When we got home I called a few local camera repair shops and they were so backed up and didn't like working on Casio's anyway. They have trouble getting parts for them.

I went online and downloaded a work order for repair and paid $25.15 for overnight shipping to get the camera there. WTH. Twenty-five bucks for shipping is not something I would normally do but she would be starting camera class soon and needed a working camera.

After many emails and phone calls later I suspected the outcome; it was too damaged to fix. So expensive lesson learned, she had to shell out almost $200.00 of her own money for a new camera. Although she bought a nice Canon, she missed her old one.

The other day I got a letter in the mail from Casio. But before I opened it I spied a small box that came in the mail too. I was expecting something so wanted to check and see if that was it. I opened the box and looked inside and was quite shocked to see--her old camera. WTH? My daughter asked what it was and I told her that she probably wouldn't want to know. I handed her dead camera to her and she looked like she was going to cry. It was like giving her a pet that had died a long time ago. A letter inside the box explained that the damage was so extensive that replacing it would be more cost effective than fixing it. WTH? Really? Wow, I'm sure glad I didn't wait 9 months for that bit of advice.

So I decided to open the letter. It said: Casio's Factory Service Center acknowledges receipt of your camera for repair and has assigned the following reference numbers for your records.....

WTH? Who's on first here? Geez, no wonder a repair shop can't get parts from the Casio company, they're too busy opening old repair tickets and sending back cameras that they've had on their shelves for 9 months.

I'll stick to my Canon's


Grumpy said…
Yet another example of the death of customer service.
Elle said…
That's crazy that it took 9 months for them to send it back. Inefficiency at its finest. Thanks for playing What The Hell Wednesday with us.
fernvalley01 said…
Proof that in some cases Customer Service is in fact an oxymoron
Unbelievable! It was a good lesson though...I only use canons myself : )

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
Cassie said…
Unbelieveable. Good thing she wasn't waiting around for the camera.
Breathe said…
Wow. Let's hope they don't get into medical equipment or anything that involves the food supply...
Stacy said…
Wow! That sure took a long time!! Good thing you had already bought another one!

Thanks for joining us this week!
Signe said…
and good for you for making her pay for a new one herself! We recently did that to our dd, too...she broke her computer doing something we'd both told her not to do. She had to pay for it if she wanted it fixed. Hard lessons are the ones that stick.

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