I Miss EthelMaePotter

I've been following my blog friend Ethel Mae Potter for quite some time now, soon after she started her own blog. She tells the best stories. Very long stories but so great that you don't want to visit her blog when you just have a few minutes. You need to take your time when you visit. She talks about her kids, co-workers, family members and husband but each has a special name and she never calls them by their real name. Her co-workers and some family members probably don't even know she writes about them. But that's what I love about blogging.

She's very popular and has a lot of followers and friends. She's just that type of person. Once you read about her and her life, you can't help but like her. It feels like she lives down the street from me and I enjoy visiting her.

Anyway she has been sick for awhile but she didn't let it stop her from writing, she even wrote about what she's been going through. But a few weeks ago, she posted a very long story on why she may not return to blogging; for some time or maybe not at all. She's on overload and it's too hard to keep up with everything. We all have to take a break now and then but her adios sounded so permanent and that makes me sad.

I haven't felt like writing myself. I miss my friend stopping over with a laugh or comforting word. It's just not the same without her. Blogging is fun, but can be lonely too if no one stops by to visit. When I first started, it was just for my own pleasure but I enjoy my friends that stop in and actually care what I have to say. I'll keep plugging away but will always be looking for a comment from my dear EthelMaePotter.

Thankfully I've still got Grumpy ;-)


Sorry you will miss your friend
Grumpy said…
We have each other. Truthfully, I would much rather read your thoughts on life and family than the national blogs. It's one positive of the internet that people who live miles apart and would never meet, are now connected. I think we are all enriched by these cyber friendships.
Signe said…
Ditto what Grumpy said. It's interesting what/how these blogs impact us.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Oh Sweetie,
I'm having a very rare good day and decided to visit a few of my favorite blogs...and came upon this. Writing this through a veil of grateful tears, I cannot tell you how much this means to me...that you would write an entire post about me, that you miss me and care about me. You are a dear, and I've missed you, too.
I have decided to continue blogging, but it may be several weeks before I feel my writing is up to par; in the meantime, I may post some "reruns."
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, darlin'.
All my love,

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