Old Things

When we were cleaning out our basement this summer, I found a box filled with stuffed animals that were given to our daughter when she was real young. We only gave her a few and put the rest in a box. But in that same box were some old things of mine that I had forgotten about.

This old thing was probably the first and only musical toy I had. It might be a bear, but really how could you tell? I loved opening up the back to pull the music box out and watch it work. It still plays music but very S L O W L Y.

This ugly thing is at least 62 years old. My cousin had one and my older brother fell in love with it when he was about 2. My Grandma searched around and bought one almost identical for him. Eventually our cousin had tired of her monkey so we ended up with both. One sat too close to a heater and burned the back of it's head. My Mom repaired it by sewing a baseball cap on but it eventually went bye-bye. The Kid even played with it when she was young but she called it Bucky because she couldn't say Monkey. There is nothing cute or cuddly about this guy but I will still hang onto it.

My older bro, our cousin, and Mom. Oh, and ugly monkey

Older bro and I and second ugly monkey

We had one baseball glove to share between three kids. The oldest is a lefty so he could take full advantage of a lefty glove. It was a little harder for the younger two. No wonder I wasn't very good at baseball. Catch, remove glove, throw, put glove back on, repeat. I made The Kid play baseball one summer, she absolutely hated it. Maybe we can blame the glove?

My Grandfather made this game and there are handwritten instructions to go along with it. The 'players' were made of tiny wooden pegs with eraser tops. You rolled one die to move the players. They named the game Hootie but I don't know if it was totally made up or modeled after another game. The instructions are hard to follow but it sounds somewhat like the game Sorry. We should try to play it sometime.

So I showed you all the old toys and memories in my closet, show me yours!


When my brother went to school in CA. my mom and I mailed him his old teddy bear. :-)
Grumpy said…
Don't you love old boxes in the basement? Never know what treasures you've forgotten.

That monkey, however, is demonic.
Valerie said…
( imagine you had a nostalgic time going through the toys. I have one teddy bear but he's huge and stays in a cupboard of a size to fit him. All other toys were discarded. Not that I had many, there was a war on so toys weren't readily available. My dad, a carpenter, made me bigger things, a desk with stool, a table, etc all of which have gone by the wayside now. Sigh!
Mr. Shife said…
I think I have eye trauma from that monkey. He's quite frightening.
Jay said…
That monkey IS ugly!!

I keep far too many old things, but that might make a nice blog .. great idea! One thing I do have is a handmade board game which OH made to entertain us when we were first married and both of us found ourselves unemployed, so it dates from the 1970s. I shall have to dig it out and take some photos!

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