The Sun Always Returns

We didn't have any dogs last week, which was just as well as we were smoked in. Almost two years to the day we were again covered in choking smoke; but not quite as bad as then. We flirted with a 302 (hazardous level) briefly before settling into the 250-270 range. I wish we could trade other states for some water. Such destruction all around.

No eclipse glasses needed, near sunset

Sun peeking through the tree (sorta)

The garden still needed picking though, so The Kid and I went out and moved fast to gather what we could. I think we made quite a haul!

By yesterday we were able to open the doors for fresh air and put clothes on the line to dry. The Kid and I also took a walk above the river and enjoyed the day. All too often we take the little things for granted and I realized how lucky we are to live in the Pacific Northwest.


Valerie said…
Smoke inhalation is an awful thing, but I am trying to work out where that smoke is coming from.
I bet you miss having a dog around now.
kden said…
Val, the smoke is from wildfires in our state and 3 surrounding states. It happens every year but is sometimes worse depending on the rainfall we've had.
Mr. Shife said…
It was awful. I'm glad you finally got a break too.
At its worst the houses around us were blurry.
The sun comes up red in the morning.
Sooooo tired of this!

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