Second Day Blues

I've noticed something funny that happens to dogs when they come to stay. Day one they are anxious and stressed even if they don't really act like it. Some whine, pace, bark, or keep their distance which is totally understandable. Many times too, that's when a new dog will pee inside. Sigh.

But by day two, their true personality starts to come out. Sometimes it's a good thing as they are becoming more comfortable and playful. But most times, they behave like bad toddlers.

First case in point. This is Winnie, she's just so cute isn't she? She's a 3 year old Lhasa Apso. Her family has only had her for about 2 months and said that in the evening she becomes cranky and demanding, kind of like an older person with 'Sun-downers'. We didn't see that although she did keep to herself kind of by the legs of the dining room table. She wasn't interested in joining the family or sitting on a lap. But by day two she became the 'sneaky one', and very mischievous. I don't like to put the little ones on the tie out cable but we had to resort to it a few times.

She would chase the birds, and antagonize the dogs next door. They don't need any help in the barking department but I don't like my boarders to goad them. And then when we were outside (One of us is always with a dog), she was barking at someone and ran to the back gate. I couldn't see her but heard the gate banging. I got up just in time to see her halfway under the gate. It's crooked and one side is higher than the other, making it easy for a little escape artist to crawl under. You should have seen this chubby little lady run! I yelled at her and grabbed her little butt right before she was gone. That could have been so catastrophic! I placed some large rocks under the gap and hitched her up to the cable when the other dogs were out. Thankfully she went home the next day. But the owners loved us so much, they will be returning. And I will be ready for her.

Our next guests were two dogs from the same family. Hailey is a 2 year old Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback and Bruce is a 11 year old Chihuahua mix. Bruce is really well behaved and Hailey, well she's still a wild and crazy pup. Day one was pretty good. Then for some reason the next day Hailey started barking at my husband whenever he came through a door. Whether we were out and he was coming out to join us or visa versa. Once he sat down, she was loving all over him. The owners said that she used to do that when she was younger so it's either she is trying to protect us or she is trying to be Alpha female over him. It was unsettling though so I pretty much stopped it by getting in between them and playing Alpha female over her.

I also had two meet&greets while they were here and we had to do a lot of shuffling in and out of the house so I could spend time one-on-one with the new dog. I've really earned my money this week!


Valerie said…
It's fun reading about your different 'guests' and you certainly do earn your money. Winnie sounds like an interesting dog... not unlike one kept by a family member.
Mr. Shife said…
Your guests are certainly keeping you busy and us entertained with your stories. Always enjoy them and seeing the pictures of the furbies too. Enjoy the weekend.

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