Ain't Technology Grand?

Image result for gps map imagesI'm so glad I have a smart phone now. Not having a need before, I sure do now. We used our GPS so much on vacation I don't know how we traveled before without one. Oh yea, we used those paper foldy things called maps. On our way home we were finally out of several construction stops along White Pass and now humming along 1-90 when traffic came to a halt. GPS said there was an accident ahead with a 5 minute delay, which became longer and longer. Then we checked one of our local news stations and found out it was a terrible semi/truck accident (and 2 other vehicles) which was caused by low visibility due to a fire, and now the freeway was closed. We were right by an exit and some guy rapped on our window and told us to take it. Along with many other people we were gathered at a convenience store off the exit. Again, GPS told us of an alternate route to go around the accident and again we were moving.

While on vacation I was able to book two dogs while hiking. One was a regular, one was new that only needed one night. Just hours after we got home I was doing a meet and greet and Ivey came the next day. A one year old Chocolate Lab/Pitbull mix. She's friendly, very playful and we thought we had played her out enough to sleep. She sleeps with her owner so we expected her to sleep with one of us. She tried all of us out until 1:00 am! Back and forth, up and down. I finally picked all the toys up, turned out all porch lights and slept on the couch with her on the floor beside me. We were definitely dragging all day Saturday.

Oh and speaking of technology, it's only as good as the dummy who inputs the information. I started bill pay through our credit union a few months ago. On our water bill I messed up the last digit. For two months I was paying someone else's bill. I thought something was strange when I got the second one and it clearly showed the first one had not been paid. Can you guess who's bill I was paying? That would be our neighbor Curtis; yep, that guy. He called and thanked me for paying his bill and said that he had called and fixed it. He thought it was utility company's mistake, when it was mine all along. I then had to message customer service and ask them to correct the first bill too, which Curtis had not noticed. How embarrassing! At least he called so it didn't go on until I received a shut off notice for non-payment.


Grumpy said…
I guess Curtis may be a lot of things but at least he's not a crook.
Valerie said…
Smart phones are wonderful. I have had one for a few years but never took advantage of the ability to pay for things. It scares me that things could go wrong and I would lose out, or perhaps my bank account would be of interest to bad people. Your latest dogs sound great, and how nice that you slept downstairs with one of them.

Mr. Shife said…
The good and bad of technology. I always worried about doing that with one of our online bills. I was curious as to what happened if you put in the wrong digit and now I know. = ) Glad it all worked out for you. Take care.

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