He Jumps Through His Own Hoops

Hubby had two opportunities come up at the same time. One was for our local newspaper for who he worked for 30 years ago. He worked at the very end of production where workers put all the ads in the paper (and also where he received a hernia from all the lifting and twisting). He filled out an application and saw that his old supervisor still worked there. I can't even imagine how old he is now. Although it might have been a job in his comfort zone there were more things in the 'con' list. The night shift ran from 7 pm to 4 am. Downtown parking was a pain and you had to pay for it. Plus, imagine getting off work at 4 am and have to walk to get to your car. Downtown Spokane is not a place you really want to be at that time. I also think they worked weekends too.

He then saw a plea for school bus monitors which are assigned to the special needs buses. He was told there were routes available immediately! He fills out his app and then starts training. It went on for 5 days and I really thought he was going to give up. He was back and forth talking with his former Foreman at the paper. Should he or shouldn't he? He was really torn. I had to keep reminding him of the 'pros' for the school bus job. Work a few hours in the morning, a long break, and back in the afternoon for a few more. All school holidays off, Spring break, Winter break and the entire summer. And the free turkey next week won't hurt my feelings any!!

The training was a big learning curve for him, so much to learn, so much paperwork. And the way they work it is after all that training you are only called up to sub until a route opens up. Not exactly what he was told in the beginning. His patience was waning.

But he has been called in almost every day since training. Sometimes it's only half of a shift and if you already have plans for the day you don't have to do it. Some monitors and drivers are on a permanent sub status as that's what they want. The company seems very flexible that way. They have been begging for him to become a driver but he continues to say no.

At first he was still grousing and said he didn't like it. But he's home every night for dinner and doesn't have to leave the house again at 10:00 pm like his driving job. If he hadn't been let go, he would still be working so what's the difference? I'd say that at least 75% of people hate their jobs and many retirement age people have to work to make ends meet; he is not alone.

It's getting better though. He likes subbing, it gives him a variety and not the same route everyday. He likes meeting different people (other monitors and drivers). He had become so isolated in his past job by not seeing as many people as he used to. I've always told him he could start a conversation with a tree, so I think it will be good for him. The most challenging part is dealing with and learning the different kids' personalities.

I'm happy for him and proud that he stepped up when I know he really didn't want to. And more than likely that's where I will end up going if I need to. I figure if he can do it......


Grumpy said…
Sounds like the perfect solution for both of you. Split shifts aren't for everybody, but I'm sure it's better than 3rd shift.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear the good news, kden. Happy for both you and the hubby. Hope the run continues for you guys. Take care.

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