Boom And Meow

Last Monday afternoon when I got back to my sitting job from a day at my Mom's, I looked at this guy Max's face and though he looked funny but couldn't figure out why. He recently had a blocked pp and was put strictly on canned food so he has lost weight. But still his face bugged me.....

I didn't sleep well and knowing his parents are out of the country and most of the time unreachable. I was pretty much on my own for any decision I make. The next morning I called his vet and they got me in pretty quickly. He had facial swelling and a lump under his chin. I blamed the other cat who is mean and probably swatted him. I had to leave him so they could get in there and take a look. I left a message for his owner and he was able to call me back and then called the vet for info.

When I picked him up in the afternoon, they were mystified because there was just fluid, no infection or cancer present. He was given an antibiotic and some steroids. I'll have to take him back this week for a follow up but he seems to be back to his old self.

After I dropped off Max in the morning I went home for awhile then back out to their house. Out of nowhere I heard this explosion in the back. After I regained my senses I knew that blasting was going on at the construction site. Sasha came up to me shaking. I remember this same fear with Nellie and thunderstorms. She's not allowed on the couch so she kept her back feet firmly planted on the ground while her upper body got as close to me as she could. There were four explosions in all and by then she had gotten up on the couch and tried to get behind me, like I could protect her from a blast. I felt sorry for her but couldn't stop laughing; we have never been so close. After it had stopped I let her chill for a bit then we went for a walk. That seemed to help and thankfully they're done...for now.

A big congratulations to my daughter for finishing college last Thursday! Four years and one quarter is what it took to go from a very hesitant Freshman to a sometimes hesitant, but confident Senior. She now wants to go through with the grad ceremony but that won't take place until next Spring. She is now an:


Congrats to your daughter! :-)
Grumpy said…
That is what would worry me most about pet sitting, that the pet would get sick or injured on my watch.

Congratulations to the new grad! That sure went fast.
Valerie said…
It just shows what a responsibility it is to pet sit. Hope everything is okay now. Congratulations to your daughter.
Mr. Shife said…
Congratulations to the college grad. That is awesome and nicely done. Hard to believe she's done because I remember the stories of hesitant freshman. I bet you are super proud, kden.

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