A Few Days Off

Our little Beau left Saturday and we were sure ready for a break. He was a sweet little guy but wanted demanded to play ball outside at least three times a day. Walks would not suffice; I tried. He would spin around on his leash totally twisting it up. Plus, he would pull and weave. His owner highly suggested that we just play ball since it's his most favorite thing in the world. He might be back in January......eesh. I love playing with dogs, I really do. But it's hard with real obsessive ones that are only interested in one thing.

Our next two will be here tonight and I'm a bit nervous. We first met them in June and even though we thought we'd have time to meet up again, it just didn't happen. One is quite anxious but we have heard that before and things turned out fine, so keeping fingers crossed.

My husband and I went shopping for Christmas gifts for our grandsons yesterday. I usually have things ordered by now but just didn't get around to it. I can't …

My First Beau

This little guy Beau arrived last Wednesday so his Mom could go to Mexico for 10 days. It was amazing that her days fit exactly with what I had available. She has used Rover before but her little boy seems to do better alone and not with a group of dogs. The last sitter she used who boards more dogs at a time, had a German Shepherd of her own who bit Beau right in the head. So needless to say she wanted to find another home who only takes one dog. I'm really happy that I can fill that need for people.

He's a 9 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd with lots of energy. He's got one blue eye and one wonky one. And I do mean wonky. His eyeball is rotated in the socket and although he can see, it's only a sliver from the bottom. Basically when you look at him, you are looking at part of the back of the eye. It kind of gives me the willies and it looks painful, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

His owner warned us about his talent for food thievery. He can hunt out c…

Bella And Gigi

And we have come to the last Bella of the month. She's a very shy 8 year old Fox Terrier mix. She came from an abusive situation and cowers a lot when approached. We gave her space and slowly she came around and became so much fun to play with. Sometimes two dogs can either be double trouble or twice as fun. We got lucky! Oh, and this was the family that after our meeting, did not book right away. They were supposed to see another sitter but that person rescheduled. So although it took her a few weeks, she did book it. Plus, within an hour of picking them up she gave me a 5 star review! That taught me not to judge the outcome of a meeting prematurely.

Gigi is an almost two year old Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix). She's the tiniest licorice drop and smaller than the fat cat I'm taking care of. She had so much energy and loved to race around the house and chase Bella. We really got paid to be entertained!

Last Thursday I had my dentist appointment to have an implant screwed into …


It's rare when we get a weekend or even a partial weekend to get out and do something. After our last dog left on a Sunday morning, we decided to take a walk in some fall colors. Hangman creek isn't very far, on the way to my Mom's actually. I took these pictures on my way to her house one day.

It's not a very large area down below and a real easy walk. You can either enter from this point and go downhill or drive around to a park and make it easier. Guess which way we went?

It's kind of loud with the freeway and train traffic and there's a lot of garbage strewn about. We saw evidence of parties and sleeping camps. My worst fear is to find a body someday. Don't I make that sound inviting? It's still a nice outing to take in some fresh air and fall colors.

Bella #3

This little girl snuck in amongst all the other Bellas this month. And we still have one more to go. Her family contacted me kind of last minute and I had room so after a quick meeting, she was booked for the next day.

She's a Tibetan Terrier which isn't a Terrier at all. They were born in Tibet and bred in lamaseries (monastery of lamas) to keep them company, as well as companions to nomadic herdsmen. Their fur can grow to the ground but this girl has hers quite short. I would keep it short too; that's a lot of grooming! They were never sold but rather given as gifts for favors. Another thing I love about this job is learning about breeds I have never heard of before.

She was fun but very ball obsessed, we had to hide it often just so she would do something else. But she was always searching.....

Another thing I've never heard of is an Atmospheric River. But apparently that's what we have looming in the Pacific ocean, 5000 miles long, spanning from Asia to the U.S.…

Bella #2

Bella is quite a popular name with dogs; this is the second one we've watched this month and we have one to go! She's a miniature Schnauzer, about 8 years old. When she first got here and her owner left, she started whining and howling. I was wondering what I got myself into with this one. So I grabbed a leash and took her for a walk. After that she was fine. She greeted my husband big time even though they didn't meet earlier. She's a pretty happy dog that gets excited by just about anything, but her favorite thing to do is just sit on our laps and sleep. That's easy, we can do that.

I had a dental checkup last week and although another tooth is cracked and causing some pain, we decided to go ahead and do the one implant he has been bugging me about for a year. That means I will also have to have a crown on the tooth above the implant because it has shifted downward. I wish I had married a dentist.

I had quite a scare when I went to my Mom's last Friday. I usu…

Back Home

Boy last week was busy. Other than sitting away from home I still had to work for my Mom. I had to be home by 7:00 one morning to greet the shy boarder that my daughter and my husband would be taking care of. Even after going back I kept in touch with them to see how she was doing and let The Kid update the parents on her stay. They did a real good job getting little Bella from staying in her crate shaking to actually sitting on a lap.

The next day I went back home again for a meet & greet with two dogs from the same family. For some reason they did not book though. They had another meet so that sitter must have met their needs better. I get it, but it still makes me sad.

At one point the times I was letting Sasha run around the yard (behind a gated fence that I'm not even sure I should let her into) I found two holes that she had dug while I went inside. I patched one pretty good and felt alright about it, until I found the other one. I had to take dirt from the garden to fil…