Basically Housesitting

This past week, I had moved on to a home with a 14 year old tiny Poodle. I arrived a week ago Sunday and by Tuesday, Twinkle and I had not become friends. This is my first picture of her right after I arrived. She took one look at me and retreated back to her bed.

She will only come out to eat or use her potty pad if I am not in close proximity; meaning I pretty much have to be gone or in another room. It takes me about 5 minutes a day to put her food together and change her pad. So basically I am house sitting. I feel bad, I want her to be comfortable and show her I am OK, but she has had a rough life and is very untrusting. She was a puppy mill dog for 5 years, spitting out those cute puppies that everyone has to have. Due to poor care, she had to have all of her teeth pulled. She's been with this owner ever since she was rescued though, so she's had a nice life since. Even as the week ended, we had not become friends. I got her to take some treats, not from my hand though. I would either toss them to her or put them by her dish. I was able to hold her a few times and at least she stopped shaking. But still 10 minutes was enough and she would retreat back to her bed.

Speaking of smells, this woman is a smoker. My first encounter with a smoking homeowner which I vowed I would never sit in. It's not pleasant, but not horrible either. Overall I would still take this over old urine smell. I use candles and a scented wax melter in the bedroom. I'm able to open the window at night now, and the bed is actually comfortable.  It's the best I've ever slept at a sitting job. So it's a darn nice gig! And the view is nice too, sitting in pine trees with full view of Mt. Spokane.

There were some deer down below but I scared them off when I opened the door

I was able to go home a lot, some for pleasure, some for meet&greets. We had 2 in one day and both booked. Our summer is almost booked and I'm just flabbergasted! I was hoping we could get away ourselves for a couple of days, but I'm not sure that will happen

Alright these are the painting today. I did these over a month ago but wanted to mount them, so now the little village is standing tall. The quarter is for size reference.

I left this one for Twinkle's Mom. I noticed she had a piano which gave me the idea. Do you know the tune?


Grumpy said…
It's a shame that people treat animals badly. I hope there's a special place in Hell for them.

Ok, if you're not going to sell your art, you should at least think about doing custom work. How about portraits of the dogs you care for?
Valerie said…
An animal never true that is. I don't know what happened to my cat before I had him but I am pretty sure it wasn't good. I'm glad there were signs that you and the poodle could be friends. Love the arrangement. Grumpy's idea is sound.
Mr. Shife said…
That is a nice view. Glad you are enjoying. Sorry to hear about the doggie. Animal abusers are the worst. I don't understand people at all sometimes. Love your new rocks. Looking good and thanks again for my rock. I love it. Take care.

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