Need Some Funny

Boy, I am really wiped out this week. With running back and forth from my house, my Mom's, and where I'm sitting, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. So much to be done with yard work, shopping, paying bills, etc. I told my husband that I am literally taking care of 3 households. Although he and my daughter help immensely, I just hit the wall this past week. But this might cheer us ALL up.

There's this graphic design company in town that put up a billboard to advertise the great Pacific Northwest. The sell t-shirts, hats, and mugs. They didn't anticipate the hoopla this billboard would attract (ah, or maybe they did), and the billboard came down the next day.

But it was too late, the meme's came fast and furious and funny as heck.

Even a rock!

Within about a week or so, the billboard was back, and they had a baby. The quickest cub birth in history!

They've also added a new t-shirt to their line, named Woodsy. Just might have to get me one of these.

So the next time you're having a bad day, think happy thoughts about the bears doing the nasty in Spokane.


Grumpy said…
Had to be intentional. Too many people would have to approve the artwork for that to get through unnoticed. That said, it's brilliant marketing.
Valerie said…
Thanks for giving me something to smile at.... by the way, did you paint the rock!?
kden said…
No Val, I can't take credit for that one :)
Mr. Shife said…
I can't believe no one caught that before it was unveiled to the public. I wonder if someone lost their job over that. Pretty funny and I am glad it wasn't me. Enjoy your weekend. Hope you get some quiet time.

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