Week In Review

Mr. Tucker left last Monday; boy he was a lot of work. But as usual the next morning my Husband mentioned how quiet it was now and that he would miss the little guy.

Tuesday was the only day this month that we either didn't have a dog at home or I wasn't away, so we decided to take advantage of the day off. We were going to go hiking but it was cold and wet. We headed out for a drive to a little town we go to a few times a year. They have the coolest little shop and although we don't buy much, it's always fun to look around as they are decorating differently all the time.

No, I didn't buy this one

True story

Wednesday evening we had our next boarders dropped off, repeats Bella and Gigi. We were really happy to see them again and the shy one wasn't shy at all! I just love these girls; they are so much fun.

The weekend consisted of gym, errands, and walking puppers. Sunday morning warranted a trip to the store to stock up with food for all of us while I'm away. The girls went home that afternoon and we had a meet and greet later in the day. It went well and we'll have a new boarder next month.

I still made time to paint though. This trio I did after seeing pictures on Pinterest. I loved doing them with their bright colors. And a few more of my favorites.

Another overdone galaxy

Love birds

Keeping this one for awhile


Sent this to a friend; he liked it!!


Ah, cute puppies! And nifty rocks :-)
Grumpy said…
That's the store that should be selling your rocks. Figure out pricing, put together a sample kit and present it to them. If they don't want to invest in them ask about placing them on consignment until they are proven sellers. Tell them you'll give them an exclusive in town. Whatever it takes. I'm so sure those are sellers in tourist areas.
Valerie said…
I like the last rock, if that's what you call them, but my real favourite was the lovebirds. Aaaaahh! I really do think you would make a fair bit of money if you sold them. You could have two businesses on the go, the dogs and the rocks.

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