Oh The Smells We Smell

Last Tuesday Koda arrived for his second visit. I met them in the alley and grabbed his bed from the owner and noticed a reallyyyyy baddddd smell. Assuming it was the bed, I put it in another room. The horrible stench persisted and filled our house when we came in. I finally determined it was Koda's breath. It was absolutely the worst breath of man or beast, that I have ever encountered. I got an aroma diffuser going; didn't work. I bought some Vick's Vapor Rub to put under our noses, only worked for a few minutes. Used some highly scented body lotion under my nose; helped some. When I gave his owner the evening update, I asked her if he had any dental issues. You have to be very careful when saying something remotely unfavorable about a client's baby. She said she hadn't noticed anything. Lordy, there is no way I could NOT notice something that bad in my house!

The weather was better the next day so we could at least open the doors and have some fresh air come in. And early Thursday I left for a sitting job, leaving my poor family to suffer with it for another day. I hope his family has his teeth checked out. He's a sweet boy and I'd hate for him to be sick and no one even notice.

I spent the weekend with the same two Maltese I did over Christmas. I went from one stink to puppy pee pad smell. Oh well, it's just part of the job I guess. I brought some painting supplies so at least I had something to do. Some people do some wonderful pet portraits. Well, this is my first. Not great by any means but I think they're pretty cute. I hope the owner likes it.

I got home Saturday evening and left Sunday morning for a week long sitting job. I'm watching Twinkle, a 14 year old Poodle with no teeth. It should give me something to write about next week.


Grumpy said…
Now you could do custom pet portraits. Those two look great.
Adorable doggy rocks!
Valerie said…
Wondering if the bad smell had been present when you first had the dog. Love the latest painting.
kden said…
Val, no he didn't smell like that the first time around. That's why we knew something was not right.
Bea said…
I think we must get used to certain 'regular' smells however unpleasant.
Mr. Shife said…
I think your pet portrait looks great. Nice job. It's too bad about Koda. Hopefully, the owner will notice and take care of it. Bad doggie breath is no bueno. Quincy dog got it really bad before he passed away. Take care.

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