Meet Iain

We've added a second Whippet to our list of boarders. Iain is owned by the same family that had Benny, the sweet old man we watched last year. Sadly Benny had passed and the family rescued Iain. We met him last Monday, then he came to stay Thursday for the weekend.

His owners said that he only whines when he needs to go out or when he wants to be covered up in his bed. Of course he whined after they left so we were like playing 21 questions with only two questions; "do you want out and are you cold?" Basically he was just missing them. So at bedtime we covered him up and he slept through the night.

He's pretty easy to take care of. Let him out in the morning and feed him. Then he'll have a burst of play for about 5 minutes and sleep for the rest of the day. It kind of makes up for some of the harder dogs. He had a little more pep on the second day, playing and going out more to enjoy the sunny day. We'd love to have him back some day.

Good night Iain

I'll just finish this off with a few rock pics; have to sneak them in somehow :)

Keeping this one. Rock is from our yard and it's really pretty

Sea life


Iain is adorable! And Abby is not sure you should be painting cats! :-)
Valerie said…
Iain is so lovely, and so alert. He looks as if he would understand anything said to him... and respond accordingly.

Love the latest creations, especially the cat and sea life.
Grumpy said…
I'll say it again, you should be selling those rocks; they are really cool.
Mr. Shife said…
Love the picture of Iain underneath the covers. I also love those rocks. Nice work. Have a wonderful weekend, kden.

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