Dottie Returns

We have a returning dog with us for almost two weeks. Dottie is the Jack Russell who had pretty bad allergies. She gets shots now so it was like a miracle to not have her scratching all the time. She's a fun little thing and loves her walks and cuddling up with her blanket. Her Mom was so happy that I was available the whole time, otherwise she would have to be boarded at her Vet's office left in a cage, except for potty breaks. I can't imagine ever having to do that to a pet.

The Kid and I made a snuffle mat and Dottie was the first one to use it. What is a snuffle mat you ask? It's good for dogs that eat too fast or who need a little mental stimulation, so you can hide food/treats in it. Commercial mats run about 40 bucks but I found directions to make one. One dish mat and one and-a-half fleece blankets turned into this tiny mat for less than 15 bucks. It was a fun little project and all the dogs should love it.

After Dottie, I don't have another booking until mid March. I've had one person cancel a meet & greet with 2 dogs, and one no show. I have never had a no show before, and it sure sucks! I'm sure the first woman found someone cheaper and she lied about having a friend watch them. It just goes with the territory but it feels like you have money in your wallet and then they take it out.

I do have a fun twice a week drop in job for the entire month of February though. This guy contacts me through Rover because he really didn't know what else to do. It stated he had a dog named Avocado and wanted sitting for the entire month of Feb., at the payment of 1200.00. I figured it was a scam so played along to find out he doesn't have a dog, but about 30 plants (including a few large Avocados) that need to be tended to while he is gone the entire month. So we met and decided to work away from Rover since Avocado won't really need all that much attention. Even though the booking went from 1200.00 to 136.00, it's still nice to just go take care of plants and check the house without having to clean up any doggy messes. He said he picked me because we are about the same age and didn't really want to have any young girls in his house. I told him getting older does have some perks.

And lastly, I had my dental appointment to finish my implant and get a crown above it. I was there for 4 long miserable hours. Still, I have to go back after the actual implant is made so they can put it in. So all I got was a crown and a whole lot of frustration.


Grumpy said…
Maybe he's growing pot and you can work out an arrangement for payment.
The mat sounds like fun!
Valerie said…
Intrigued by the mat, also by the guy who wanted someone to tend his plants. A lot of guys would just go and forget the plants.
Mr. Shife said…
The mat sounds awesome. Ms. Frizzle would love to play with it. Sorry to hear that you have to make a return visit to the dentist. Take care.

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