Drum Roll Please.....

As 2017 exited, I tallied up all my doggy figures. We have boarded or sat 39 dogs and 5 cats with several of those being repeat customers. My first actual month of business was February and I made a whopping $190.00. By December I hit $1428.00 for that month. I'm sure many sitters just over the holidays exceeded what I made for the year, but I'll take 1-2 dogs over 15 at a time any day.

The Kid got hired as an intern at a local non-profit agency that helps foster children transfer smoothly into the foster system. They provide things a foster family may need or advocate to get kids from sitting in a dshs office into a home quicker. The Kid will be start or improve their social media presence, go to meetings and functions already scheduled, and learn everything she can about their agency. Even though the director is a doggy client and it probably made for an easier interview, I'm proud that she wasn't going to back down and presented to them what she could for them. Those are some pretty big steps for an introverted young lady to take.

Kuma left Thursday morning and Tori arrived that same afternoon. She's a Doberman, but I don't remember how old she is. She belongs to a woman from church so it was a pretty informal meeting. She was so stressed at drop off; running from door to door, up on the couch to look out the window, trying to look out the kitchen window. But she settled little by little and when The Kid came home a few hours later, Tori immediately attached herself to her.

She's really a good dog and loves to play. Being so large she really fills up the house and sounds like a horse when running. While playing I get her wound up enough to bark. Oh, that Doberman bark is very intimidating! I looked up the history on Doberman's and it's an interesting story on how they came to be. I'm getting more comfortable with hosting the larger dogs. If they're well behaved, it's no more trouble than a small one. At least you can see their turds in the yard instead of searching for those little ones which you end up stepping in.

This week I'm back with Sasha house sitting. Just a week instead of three, will be easy peasy for me.


Grumpy said…
That's an impressive monthly amount; you're really growing this business and it's something you enjoy.

Could the internship lead to a full time offer?
kden said…
Grumpy, possible not probable. They rely on donations and grants but is still a good stepping stone.
We doggy sat our dog grandchildren while Oldest Son and DIL were in Alaska.
It was an adventure but enjoyed having a doggy love wherever I turned.
Congrats on the internship offer for the Kid. :-)
Valerie said…
Best wishes to your daughter. Hope she does well.

I prefer the bigger dogs, but that's because I never had anything to do with a small one. I am thrilled that you have made such a success of your doggie-minding business. Congratulations, kden, and keep it up.
Mr. Shife said…
Congrats on a successful year in your doggie business. Best of luck this year. I am sure it will go even better now that you are no longer a rookie. And congrats to your kiddo on the internship. Look forward to hearing more about it.
Sherry Sikstrom said…
Congratulations, that seems like a very good increase over the year! I wish I were closer,I am sure Henry would love to hang out with you while I am away! been absent a lot lately,but Happy New year hope I will be on a little more this year

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