I haven't printed a book of my blog for a few years now, but they were having a sale that I just could not say no to. Plus not writing as much saves some money too so I was able to print the last two years very economically. While looking back at dates I realized that the end of February will mark 11 years of blogging for me. I know many of you have been blogging much longer, so congrats to all of us as we near or have passed our milestones.

I am trying to type this on a new tablet I bought before Christmas.  I could probably do better on my phone! It's a 10-inch 2-in-1 tablet which means you can use an attachable keyboard or just go with the touch screen. It had great reviews but I didn't read enough to realize it isn't HD, which I am very spoiled by on my other tablets.

The keyboard is obviously tiny but also glitchy and not smooth in scrolling. It's not as fast as anything else I have. But it has more storage than anything else I have, so that is its saving grace. I brought it with me for my week sittings job just to see if I could get by without an actual computer. I can do anything on it, but just slower.

I swear the weather Gods hate me! The two times we've had heavy snow I've been staying here. Five inches of heavy wet stuff that I can only carry one shovel full at a time. I can only do it for 20 minutes a at a time because my back is screaming, and I just want to cry. A neighbor was using his riding plow but didn't offer to help, even after we waved and exchanged pleasantries. That did not help the tear factor. Bit by bit I got it done in 3 days. Then it warmed up and has melted so much, you can't even tell it snowed.

The homeowner called me Friday night and asked if I could stay a few extra days and although I am sympathetic (his Mom died) I had already booked a dog at home that I need to be there for. These sitting jobs are wearing me out. So I was home by 5:15 last night and in bed by 9.


Our wonderful neighbor sends his teenage
boys out to do as much of the neighborhood
before they leave for school. Since The Engineer
leaves at 5am it is much appreciated!
Grumpy said…
Congrats on the anniversary.
Valerie said…
It's only nine years for me. I am intrigued - do you really print your blog in a book?
Sad that you have to do your own snow-shifting. Are there no helpers living near?
kden said…
Val, after their return, they told me I didn't have to shovel that much, sigh. The site I use is One of my past posts has a picture of the books.
Valerie said…
Wow, kden, I am impressed. I had all my stories turned into books and the two novels were printed and bound, but had to do it all myself via a printing company. I didn't know you could print a blog. Well done, you.
Mr. Shife said…
Congrats on 11 years. Here's to many more. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope the snow stays away so you don't have to worry about it anymore. Take care of yourself.

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