My First Beau

This little guy Beau arrived last Wednesday so his Mom could go to Mexico for 10 days. It was amazing that her days fit exactly with what I had available. She has used Rover before but her little boy seems to do better alone and not with a group of dogs. The last sitter she used who boards more dogs at a time, had a German Shepherd of her own who bit Beau right in the head. So needless to say she wanted to find another home who only takes one dog. I'm really happy that I can fill that need for people.

He's a 9 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd with lots of energy. He's got one blue eye and one wonky one. And I do mean wonky. His eyeball is rotated in the socket and although he can see, it's only a sliver from the bottom. Basically when you look at him, you are looking at part of the back of the eye. It kind of gives me the willies and it looks painful, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

His owner warned us about his talent for food thievery. He can hunt out chocolate like a hormonal woman. Only after being here for a few hours I had to go drop in on Garfield the cat. My husband called me and said that he had put the left over pork chops on the counter, then went to the bathroom. Upon his return, our dinner had been devoured. For being a small dog, he has lots of stretching ability. We had to put our garbage can on the basement stairs landing and hung a small bag up high in the kitchen to use instead. One day I absentmindedly threw a very old stale candy bar in the large can and he found it. Good thing he brought it into the living room before he actually ate it.

After doing this for awhile, I'm not surprised anymore on the feeding regime of some of these dogs. Beau's food consists of dehydrated meat, fresh chicken gizzards, psyllium, kibble, and canned pumpkin. Hot water is added to this to make 4 servings. Then each serving has more water added to it before serving. It smells like Thanksgiving stuffing!

Another family cooked chicken or beef then had me add kibble, fresh carrots, peas, blueberries, and cooked squash.

Our poor Nellie just got straight kibble. But I would often add good stuff especially when we started giving her medicine. Her favorite topping by far when when I added turkey soup to her food. This was taken three days before she died, lying there waiting for soup on Christmas day. I will really be missing her this holiday season.


We will have three dogs, and their humans, to add to our two
this Thanksgiving. Going to be fun and crazy!
Grumpy said…
It's sad, but it's good to see Nellie again. She would probably love your boarders.
Valerie said…
Never heard of psyllium before. Must look it up. Sad about the dog's eye but if he can cope with it maybe it's best left alone.m
Mr. Shife said…
I like Beau. He looks a good dog. I also like your chocolate and hormonal woman line. Made me laugh. Take care, kden, and have a great turkey day.

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