Back Home

Boy last week was busy. Other than sitting away from home I still had to work for my Mom. I had to be home by 7:00 one morning to greet the shy boarder that my daughter and my husband would be taking care of. Even after going back I kept in touch with them to see how she was doing and let The Kid update the parents on her stay. They did a real good job getting little Bella from staying in her crate shaking to actually sitting on a lap.

Shy little Bella
The next day I went back home again for a meet & greet with two dogs from the same family. For some reason they did not book though. They had another meet so that sitter must have met their needs better. I get it, but it still makes me sad.

At one point the times I was letting Sasha run around the yard (behind a gated fence that I'm not even sure I should let her into) I found two holes that she had dug while I went inside. I patched one pretty good and felt alright about it, until I found the other one. I had to take dirt from the garden to fill it up because she had flung dirt so far. Now I still let her in there to run around, but will not leave her alone. Dogs can be so sneaky!

Thursday evening her owner called and said his Mom, in Montana, was in the ER and not likely to make it. At that time they were still debating on what to do since they were on the Oregon coast. For some reason I thought I better start cleaning and semi-packing in case they came home. Sure enough, the next morning he called and said they drove all night and will be there in 30 minutes. I scrambled so fast to clean what I could. They arrived, brought some things in, and left again in separate cars for another 5 hours of driving as his Mom was hanging in there. The wife made it home early enough last night and it felt so good to be back in my own bed. Now I just need to get geared up for my 21 day stay at the same place after Thanksgiving.


21 days! Wow, that's a long sit!
Grumpy said…
21 days in one place? I hope they stock the fridge.
Valerie said…
Crikey, did you ever expect a sit to last that long? You'll be getting staff soon!
Mr. Shife said…
Well, enjoy your time back home. November is going to be here before we know it. It just feels like this year has flown by.

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