The Sad And Strange

My sister-in-law had her surgery last week, the doctor said they fixed all of the prior surgeries....whatever that means.

Her daughter got the results from her scan, and yes indeed the cancer is also in her brain. Three lesions in all with the largest at 13 cm (about 5 inches) Holy Shit is all I can say. Treatment has been mostly laid out but she will be seeking a second opinion.

You may have heard of the most recent school shooting in the country. It was a high school about 40 miles from our city. One boy dead, 3 injured. The shooter claims he was bullied. The boy that was killed was thought to be one of the bullies. Although the shooter said he wasn't targeting anyone in particular he wanted to teach everyone a lesson about school bullying. There were signs this could happen. He had been in school counseling, he had left a suicide note for his parents a week prior. He had passed around notes at school warning them of something big coming down. Some students told officials. Nobody seemed to move on anything, or at least fast enough.

OK, let's move on to the strange, or at least a bit confusing. On FB the other day I was talking about our prolific garden and a long time friend asked if I had any zucchini she could have. I said yes and she said she would be right over. I have known this woman since our daughter was little, as she was a cook in her daycare. She moved on but we occasionally had lunch and kept in touch. She moved out of state then back, and always claimed how much she missed me. I always replied that we could get together anytime. Nothing. We did run into her at a grocery store in the last year and she about hugged the air right outta me! So when I knew she was coming over I told everyone to straighten up the house a bit so she could sit and visit.

She came in, said hi to all of us, gathered up the zucchini and left. We chatted on the way out to her car but the whole visit was less than five minutes. It really made me laugh that someone who claims to miss me, couldn't get away fast enough.

And then there's this. My husband was weeding and trimming back Iris's in the back yard behind the fence. It's kind of a forgotten area but he eventually cuts them back. He was using the big long blade loppers and couldn't cut through them. He thought the stems were unusually tough. After trying again, he pulls this out of the middle of the bunch of Irises.

It had been there for maybe a year and was rusty (I hope it was rust), and very sharp. I cleaned it up and put it in the basement for a time that we need to hack through something. I showed this picture to my mom and she showed me a big hunting type knife she had found in a restaurant booth years ago. It was so heavy and I asked her how she could even lift it to protect herself. She replied as any 86 year old mother of mine would, "As long as I can lift it high enough to get them in the balls, then I'm good."

Now to cheer you up with a picture of Sadie and I after a hike. This is her third time with us and her energy keeps us going, whether we want to or not.


Valerie said…
Sorry to hear about your sister in law ... not an easy time for her or her family.

Why do kids get so wound up about things, enough to kill. I remember being bullied and although I hated I didn't resort to murder. I don't like the way the world is going!

I think I like your mother! And Sadie is a dream.
Grumpy said…
Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. Hard thing to go through. I wish her well.

That knife was probably dumped after a crime.
Mr. Shife said…
Hope your sister-in-law gets better news at her second opinion. Your mother's comments made me laugh. And I do believe Sadie is pretty darn cute. Take care.

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